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A Message to Live By

Today I remember Martin Luther King Jr and his dream.
His message is as prevalent today as it was when he was alive.
He fought and stood for equality for all and the value of everyone no matter their color! 
He stood for doing what is right and overcoming hate with love. 
Sometimes doing what is right and overcoming hate with love isn't necessarily mush and gush. Rather caring about each person we encounter, work with, see at the grocery store, etc.
 Overcoming inequality, racism, and the like isn't resolved with hatred, meanness, violence and disregarding others to be recognized as an important human being!
We are all important and I encourage everyone, especially those with color and different beliefs to hold your head up proudly and live life to the fullest.
Let others see the awesomeness your made of!

#MartinLutherKing #OvercomewithLove #LiveHisDream

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