Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sunday Was a Fun Day

Good Evening!

I'll keep this short tonight.
I wanted to say hello and touch bases.

I enjoyed my day, spent some time with my granddaughter who turned 18 and took a nap.

Just a low key and chilled day!
 I hope you had a good day and found some fun things to do to enjoy the day!

Have a restful night and I'll be back tomorrow.

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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Even If It's a Rainy Day

Happy Saturday

I found myself wishing the sun would come out and dry things up a bit. But then I got to thinking about something.


One of the dogs, Dusty wants to be outside whether wet or dry, rain or snow. It matters not to him.
So I thought, "why am I stewing a bit about this rain". Sure I don't like it so wet and muddy but it's just rain and it's just muddy. It will dry.
I can be grateful we have rain and it's not so dry nothing grows or resembling a desert. 
I have three lovely dogs that are precious and three cats I wouldn't trade for anything either!
I have food, a garden and so much more.
And today I'm going to enjoy the beauty of the rain!

If your feeling out of sorts today, discouraged or frustrated, what are you grateful for today?
Share below in the comments. You may just help someone else pull out of a slump or discouragement.

#rainyday #Saturday #gratitude #DogsandCats #beautyoftheRain

Friday, March 27, 2020

Drizzling Friday

Good evening.

How's your Friday been?
It's been a quiet and sleepy day here with a constant drizzle of rain.

What were you up to today?

I have been working behind the scenes on my groups and page on facebook, updating quite a bit and working on member questions.
I've also been asking others what they want as far as products, articles, etc to better serve my customers/fans.

Anyway the dogs aren't particularly appreciative of the rainy weather, have been out for the night.
 The cats are being their usual self and wore out from being in the windows watching the birds.
I made this funny little video of Rusty talking this morning and will share it below.
I hope it makes you smile!


I hope you have a restful night.
I look forward to sharing more tomorrow.

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#smile #Lightenup #video #Laugh

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Tranquil Thursday

A Good Thursday Afternoon to all of You!

I haven't shared for a few days and took a bit of time to step back, do some things around the home front, make some meals to freeze, Planted some more potatoes (Yukon Gold to be exact), eat a few ice cream bars and enjoy some solitude.

How have things been for you and what have you been doing?
Are you in quarantine where you live?
We aren't here just lots of businesses, restaurants and stores closed but many are not closed as well!
Quite a few places have set hours for elderly and those more susceptible to the virus.
More are doing delivery or drive-up to help things as well.

Stores are limiting what can be purchased now and some shelves remain barren.

I'm determined to stay at peace although like everyone, I have my moments I get frustrated and discouraged.

If your comfortable to share go ahead and share how things are for you in comments below.


Monday, March 23, 2020

Monday's Recipe to Bloom

Good afternoon. It's Monday and I hope your day is the best, full of hope and encouragement.

Today I want to bring you some encouragement and little helps to make your day and week the best.  

I want to encourage you to go beyond just surviving the uncertainty and unknown we are all facing right now. 
A Recipe to Help You Bloom
Be good to you! Make sure you eat and eat good foods, watch the news at times but turn it off and don't be glued to it to the point you don't get anything done and are hopeless feeling(Make sure your taking in trustworthy news. Media tends to captialize on the negative), Get enough sleep (I point a finger at myself because I have been staying up way too late. I'm less productive and don't think as clear as I believe I can normally), Connect with others on your phone and online. Do Not isolate from others. Make some new friends online too! Share your fears and concerns.  
We will get through this together no matter what comes!
Spend time in the morning and evening thinking about what you are grateful for.

What is happening around us can seem daunting but as you do positive and healthy things it becomes Your Recipe for Blooming No Matter What!

What else can you add that you find helpful. Please share in the comments below.

#BeyondSurviving #Gratitude #RestEnough #ConnectWithOthers #TurnOfftheTube #SleepEnough #BeyondUncertainy #BeyondJustSurviving #EatWell#RecipetoBloom

Sunday, March 22, 2020

A Chilled Day: Business Highlights

 Good evening. I hope your Sunday has been a good one.
Mine has been a chilled day.
Made some potato soup and did my best to connect and encourage others throughout the day.
How about you? How was your Sunday?
Share in the comments!
Tonight I want to do what I usually do on the weekend at some point-Highlight businesses I believe are truly awesome. 
First thing I'd like to do is share the Group Convert Challenge with Kim Dang that starts tomorrow and it's FREE! 
We've been given the gift of time and opportunity to develop our groups and go further than we imagined.
Group Convert is helping me take things to another level and I'm excited.
A Message and invite from Kim Dang below:

Want to Automate Your Group and Sell Out Your Offers?
I want to PERSONALLY invite you to the GroupConvert 5 Day Group Growth Challenge.
Quite a mouthful eh?
The goal of the challenge is to show you the awesomeness of GroupConvert and how it will help you do things like...
Convert your passive members into active buyers on Autopilot
Let you grab email, sms, and send people into your pipeline in ninja ways without getting bogged down in the tech
Enable you to show up for your tribe so you can sell out your offers and not leave anymore money on the table. Increasing your income and impact.
We start on MONDAYYY MARCH 23rd at 11am PST.
πŸ”₯How To Use GroupConvert & Automation To Launch Your High Ticket Offer
(Without Paid Ads or Huge Following)πŸ”₯
Day 1: Your 6 Figure Mindset and How To Easily Craft Your High Ticket Offer
Day 2: The Most Leveraged Approach To EVERGREEN and AUTOPILOT Your Customer's Journey From Group To Offer (We help you not let the tech get in the way)
Day 3: How To Pitch Your High Ticket Offer For Your Group and Position Yourself As An Expert
Day 4: Be Courageously Loud, Sell, and Build An Audience You Are Excited To Serve
Day 5: Power Levers To Scale Sales
πŸ”₯How do you join?
Step 1: Click hereπŸ‘‰
Step 2: Post within the groupπŸ‘‰ I'm part of the 5 Day challenge, LET'S GOOO!!!
Step 3: INVITE a friend who might benefit from this challenge INTO the group and tag them in this post!
Grab Groupconvert the chrome extension (if you haven't already) to be part of the challenge!
For the first 200 Challenge Registrants we are giving away our INSTAGRAM chrome extension as a bonus!

The lovely Ces Rosanna Price with Inspired to Inspire has some Spring Time Marketing Design Offers....

Whatever your take is on the current global situation and how it is effecting your life, I wanted to use this months deals to offer some positive energy and support to your amazing business during this challenging time. Lots of DESIGN DEALS available for you.

If you are in need of professional designs for any of the following, take a look or contact me now.... 

Flyers, Posters, Adverts, Social Media Banners, Social Media Templates, Brochures, Workbooks, Ebooks, Ebook Cover, Power Point Slides, Power Point Template Design, Bespoke Icons, Youtube Banner/Thumbnails/Templates/Intro, Webinar Graphics, PDF Template Design, Printables & more

Head over to see what Ces has blooming for you= Inspired to Inspire 'Springtime Marketing Designs

Susan Brookes with Positive Kids Facebook Group has lots of fantastic links to resources to help and keep busy all the children that will now be at home, as well as information to support their and their parents emotional well being at this time. If you have kiddos and are a parent stop over and plug into the group.
That's all for tonight folks. I hope you sleep well and peaceful.
See you tomorrow!
#KimDang #GroupConvert #Challenge #InspiredtoInspire #PostiveKids 

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Banana Bread: Weekend Business Highlights

Good Evening

I'm going to make it a point to not burn the midnight oil tonight and go to bed earlier so I definitely want to share this before I call it a night. 

How's today been and how's life around you?

It was a cool day outside and the dogs did their best to be out barking at anything that even moved slightly. Nothing like a good guard dog or three LOL

Banana Bread with Recipe Below

I've been wanting to make banana bread and had bananas reminding me it was time to use them.
In addition, I add the dried banana peels cut up in my fertilizer I make.

Below is the recipe I use and will be in the e-book when it's finished.
Just a note: bananas may not be available sometimes or in days to come. But who knows, people are seeming to leave the produce isles alone and go for everything else. 
You can freeze any bananas you have for later by smashing them up and putting in a covered container. 
No bananas-you can use zuchinni, applesauce, shredded carrots, apples, beets, potatoes, riced cauliflowers, brocolli, turnips just to name a few. Just season according to your taste.
Better yet if you grow some of these!

Banana Bread

Combine 3 bananas, 1/4 cup melted butter, 1 egg, 1 cup of sugar, 1 teaspoon baking soda and 1 teaspoon salt.
You can substitute butter and sugar if you have a different choice.
Mix well and add 1 1/2 cup of flour, continue to mix until flour is fully incorporated.
Spray or grease your pan, bake at 350 for one hour and there ya go!

Now on to highlighting a business tonight and more to come tomorrow.

 Lauren Neumann shared this earlier and is also inviting others to share their businesses and how they are helping entrepreneurs.

What can we do as entrepreneurs to help -
πŸ†“️πŸ’„ is doing free shipping so you can self care, pamper and make yourself happy

πŸ”€πŸ–Toy crayons is going to pause vending machines and try to make crayon alphabets non profit for learning aides for the children who are working on names and ABC's 

πŸ†“️☯️Spirit service has a fb page for free tarot readings and guidance along the way. No charge ever . Always gives us some hope ♡

 πŸ“ΈπŸ”ŽNpi solutions llc is paused until real estate comes back all around . We will practice photography but housing and vacancy are done for now as it should be. Although I'd love to do photoshoots for rvs 
! ◇ If you have a business still going please tell me about it and share ♡ let's support the small businesses where we can ♡ hang in there. This isn't forever . Adapt and adjust . Evolve and enjoy ♡
Stop over to Lauren's page and share your business if you'd like! 

Good night everyone and stay tuned tomorrow for more Business Highlights and other goodies.

P.S. please use the Social Media Buttons Below to Share and Thanks in advance!
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Kick Despair to the Curb 🦢

πŸŽ•Happy Saturday πŸŽ•
Whatcha up to today? 

I spent a little time interacting with those on my Home at Hearth's facebook page and groups (you can find some of my groups to the right and in the social icons at the top of the page.)

It's a little unsettling at times how quiet others still are. Yet,I know life goes on and the uncertainty as well. So, that means you and others need encouragement and we need to stay connected!

I'm going to keep this short and share a game some of you might like while I work on my Business Reviews for later. I'll continue sharing businesses that you may be interested in through tomorrow.
If this game below isn't your thing, perhaps check out some other games you already have, play some cards, take a walk, call friends & family and do some fun things today!

I'm not an affiliate for Doom and Bloom but very much respect what their doing and believe it's wonderful they've created this game!

Doom and Bloom SURVIVAL! Board Game with 8 Miniatures

Joe and Amy Alton of, well-known authors in the field of survival, are pleased to announce their ground-breaking new project, the Doom and Bloom™ SURVIVAL! board game. Their game is the first survival board game designed by actual survivalists. The game has art by award-winning artists Kurt Miller and Josh Cappel.

Doom and Bloom™’s SURVIVAL! is a board game for 2-4 players (alternative solo and 5-8 players available soon at It takes place in a post-pandemic world where the survivors are few and the dangers are many. Your mission is to have your character accumulate supplies like food, fuel, weapons, and medical supplies, as well as recruit followers. You’ll travel to scout locations that may serve as a haven in which to start over. There are tough decisions to be made along the way, and there are others that want to take what you have.

In Doom and Bloom™’s SURVIVAL!, there aren’t any! We set out to provide a realistic survival scenario, and despite numerous TV shows and movies, zombies just don’t exist. Pandemics do. We wanted to show that we could put together a fun and challenging game that is based on an event that could actually happen, and its likely aftermath.
To find out more about the game, go to the link below:
Game website:
Facebook: Doom and Bloom Survival Board Game
(Alternative, modest Character Cards for Nurse and Policewoman are available upon request.)

Do let me know if you decide to get the Survival Board game that is aproximately $20 off right now.


#nozombies #DoomandBloom #SurvivalGame #Saturday #BusinessReview

Friday, March 20, 2020

When There Are Delays Regroup and Keep Going

Good evening everyone!
I hope you've had the best Friday!
My days have been full and seem to be burning the midnight oil just a bit more than I'd like. But I'll do whatever is needed to stay in touch, share and encourage you!
But I do make sure I take some me time and get a nap in everyday lately. That is when the Marie my lovable rescue doesn't hog the couch lol


It didn't snow last night although temps were cold today. I was able to go out and add the fertilizer I made to the hay bales for the Hay Bale Garden.

I also attempted to change a πŸ’‘ light for the backyard that seemed to burn out to no avail. It burned out the one I put in so I have some deeper digging to do.  

Do you remember Grace who is now Grayson or Gracion! When I took her in I thought she was a 'she' but discovered she's a 'he' LOL
He's about 10 months old now. He jumped off something and fractured his back leg which is now healed. But he's so full of energy when I let him out of my bedroom to hang out he races around, pesters the other cats and the dogs.
Well earlier this evening Mr wild man was racing through the house and pestering Benny, one of my other cats and somehow caught his front leg between the arm and cushion of a chair in the computer room. 

All the cats and dogs were upset and running around at his crying.
I dislodged him as he hissed at me and took him to my bedroom. 
 I'm thankful as I have continued to check on him, he's doing fine and purring as I pet him. Yeah!

Now that I've told you my day's life story and I'm late sharing the Weekly Round Up and Business Highlights...I'm going to get right to it.
Thanks for bearing with me as this is a longer post than usual. I'm grateful for all things in my day even the unpleasant things and delays and very grateful for all of you readers who are so faithful!

Tonight I'm going to go backwards and share for the Weekly Round Up.

On Monday Evening I shared about my concern in regard to how quiet people were being on facebook and online in general. Yet realizing people may be drawing in a bit to make sense of everything going on with Covid-19.

I also shared how to make your butter soft in a healthy way. No more tearing the bread unless you don't mind of course LOL

You can read more at the link below:

 On Tuesday (St Patrick's day)
I shared about making your own DIY Fertilizer and the same as I used on my hay bales today. In addition, I shared a few products I offer to help making that DIY fertilizer.

I also shared a retro camper to melt your warmer melts in and make your house smell absolutely delightful with the warmer melts I offer.
You can read more at the link below:

 Later on Tuesday I shared, "My Happy and Why!!
I shared a review I did for Group Convert, created by the lovely Kim Dang. It is a new program using a Chrome Extension. I haven't used extensions much so this is educational as well.  I'm transforming my groups in ways I didn't know were possible. It's a totally new beginning for me!
Please come read more at the link below:

On Thursday I shared, 
🌧 What's Rain Got to Do With It 🌧

It was a rainy day and animals and I were laid back.
This was a short post.
I encouraged everyone to stay connected and not isolate.
You can read more at the link below:

Thursday evening I shared, "Walking Day by Day Without Desperation"

I used the analogy of my dog, Rusty going out in the rain and he was drenched. Sometimes I feel drenched by the effects of Covid-19 but I'm  not throwing in the towel. Rather in gratitude I'm using this time as a gift.

Please read more at the link below:

This brings us to Friday and I've shared how my day has went but also have one more share I did on the Nichaholic and Graphic's page here on site.

Keri at Idea Girl Media is thinking of doing a live to help those working at home due to the virus and/or working online for your business. As Keri mentioned to me, "We have the gift of time" & I couldn't agree more. I am open to staying focused and going forth. Watch the live she did today on the link below on my page and watch her live! And decide if this might just be the encouragement you need!

Because of the lateness of the hour and some blogs I have a commitment to read, I'll start sharing the Business Highlights tomorrow and on Sunday.
Have a restful night and see you tomorrow!

#Friday #HowMyDaywent #Delays #Regroup #WeeklyPostRoundUp #HayBaleGardening #Naps #KittyMishap #gratitude

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Walking Day by Day Without Desperation

Hello everyone. How's things been going? I just let my dog, Rusty out and he came in drenched from constant rain. I toweled him off and he's good to go. Does he care he was!! I've grappled with feeling drenched with all Covid-19 has and is involving. Have I thrown in the towel and said the hell with business, my passion and helping others! Nope!

 I have all the more opportunity to develop myself, share with you and others as well as develop my business endeavors.
And you know what, I am taking more time to get to know you and others, make new friends, encourage others if they want it and more. Business isn't about just selling someone something. It's about building relationships and trust. I wish folks would grab a hold of this more. 

If I'm going to live, do business and act or react in desperation to Covid-19 and in business I'm doomed in my opinion. I'll admit I process things everyday and have concerns and fears like everyone else. I'd be a liar if I said I don't!
I'd love to hear your thoughts. Everyone deals with things differently and many of us process what's happening with Covid-19 every day and may do so differently.
Perfection isn't the name of the game but going forward together is!


#Desperation #Perfection #BuildingRelationships #EncouragingOthers #DevelopOurselves

🌧 What's Rain Got to Do With It 🌧

Start of my Hay Garden

Good afternoon πŸ‘§

 It's one rainy and stormy day here. And seems more like a weekend than a weekday lol
Probably because I stay in more than before. Although I've never one that found the need to run all over the place vs staying put. 

When there has been some breaks in the rain I spread the hay out for my 'Hay Garden'as you can see in the picture at the top of this post.
I also spread some out where it's more muddy to cut down on dogs bringing mud in. So far so good!

I also want to start creating my 'Mulch Garden' to grow potatoes with leaves and other mediums as an experiment to see how it does. I know a few people having really good results. So I'll see and share more as I go forth with it.

Before I can do much more outside I have to wait for the colder temps and snow to pass. Tomorrow is forecast to snow. It's ok it will make it all the more worth it when things get going.

How are you doing with Covid-19 where you are?
It's pretty quiet around here. A lot of store have reduced hours and some hours specifically for those more vulnerable to the virus.
As all over restaurants are closed unless no contact door delivery and many other businesses are closed as well.

Be sure to reach out to others in these uncertain times and stay connected. Their is strength in sharing our struggles and fears.
Also reach out to others and be an encourager.

Your always welcome to share here in the comments and connect at Home at Hearth on Facebook

 and my groups.
There is no judgement and we need to share and stick together as we get through this. We will get through this!

The dogs and cats are carrying on with life as usual lol

When the dogs aren't outside their doing their favorite-napping. And the cats of course play, nap and play.

I look forward to sharing more with you soon and hope the remainder of your day is totally the best.
And don't forget to stay connected. We all have phones and computers so let's use them!

#rainyday #haygarden #mulchgarden #Covid19 #stayConnected #Thursday 

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

My Happy and Why!!

Hi everyone and good evening. 
How has your Tuesday and St Patrick's Day been? 
Mine has been a good one. I put ribs in the crock pot and had a nice dinner, a nice strong cup of java ☕️ along with catching some Criminal Minds on the tube.
This is my happy picture tonight πŸ˜ƒ I did a review for a program new to me but rocking it, Group Convert and loving how it's going to transform my business. 
Here's my review I did on Google Chrome using the Group Convert extension. Here's my actual review on Google Chrome: Cindy Fox 3 hours ago
I am so rocked about this extension and Group Convert. I have been developing a few groups and wanted a way to stay more connected with each person who joins. as well as share offers and articles they may be interested in. I had trouble with spammers on one particular group so this helps me weed out some of this too. I receive such excellent support and far better than any other services I've tried. Group Convert is the beginning of transforming my business to another level. Thank you Kim and all the support team!! "GroupConvert is the beginning of transforming my business to another level." - Cindy Fox 
 And below is what Kim Dang shared. The creator and inspiration I have for this awesome beginning.
Thank you Cindy for your kind words!
What is GroupConvert? It's a chrome extension that lets you grab emails from your fbook group and send it to your email autoresponder.
Why is it useful in THESE times? πŸ”₯It is recession proof. People will still need it to build their online courses and online following. πŸ”₯It is low barrier to entry. You can get started for free. πŸ”₯It helps you communicate to people online right away.
If you are interested in what this transformational chrome extension can do for YOUR business... #TRANSFORM below and I'll send you my 7 Step Guide To Recession Proofing Your Business with Simple Software and How You Can Get Started Right Away πŸ‘‡ 
So if your interested, follow the link below an add #TRANSFORM in the comments. 
 *Cindy- P.S. There support is beyond imaginable and since I'm not so techie I had help to get all 4 of my groups set up in less than an hour. I'd say, "Go For It" 
#GroupConvert #Kimdang #ChromeExtension #RockingMyGroups #Transform #review #MyHappy #StartNow

Sunday Was a Fun Day

Good Evening! I'll keep this short tonight. I wanted to say hello and touch bases. I enjoyed my day, spent some time wi...