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Terms & Conditions

I strive to provide the best products & resources
for you. If you find something unsatisfactory, broken or not up to your standards, do be sure to contact me.

If you simply don't like a scent perhaps in warmer sprinkles or a candle, I suggest you probably be opened minded to try a new scent next time and not rule out the all scents as undesirable. We all have unique scents for us and some we just don't like at all. The only way to know is by trying them out. 

The same goes for Forever Living products, essential oils, etc. Some products don't do the same for everyone or may take awhile to begin to show effect such as with facial skin care products as an example.

If you have purchased a digital download, such as an e-book or pdf, I don't offer a complete refund but if your totally unhappy, I will refund 1/2 the purchase price.

If you'd like to return the product your welcome to do so within 60 days for most products and 30 days for Young Living products. The same applies for digital downloads such as e-books or pdfs @ a 50% refund for digital. 

Please contact me by email letting me know you'd like a refund, the reason and a phone number I may reach you at. 
I'll let you know where to ship the item purchased if it's a physical product. Or when to expect your refund for a digital product.
I do ask you please return the unwanted item for a full refund if it's a physical product.

I share content, articles, and information on my site not everyone will find useful or agree with.
I ask that we 'agree to disagree' rather than argue or take offense. Your opinions and thoughts are always welcome. I only ask you be thoughtful in your response as you'd want others to be to you.

Affiliate Links

I use affiliate links such as Amazon on this site to to keep the lights on and computers going.
I appreciate anytime you are able to make a purchase and thank you in advance!

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