Signature Soaps

Welcome to Home at Hearth's Signature Soaps. The best in natural soaps that will moisturize your skin 
and delight your senses without
 harmful ingredients found in many
store bought soaps.
Did you know most store bought soaps
aren't made with glycerin to truly moisturize
your skin! Most are mass produced in
machines with rollers and glycerine would stick
to the rollers. Therefore, you get a soap with
little if any moisturizing benefits and a scent
that dissipates soon after you get it home.
If I want to shower or bathe with detergent
I could use laundry soap. And I prefer not!


Double Fudge Brownie Soap is a treat sure to please your skin & senses!

This Double Fudge Brownie treat won't add any calories
only glycerin to moisturize your skin and a whole lot of 
chocolate fragrance to delight your senses. 

Double Fudge Brownie Soap is created with
glycerin soap, cocoa butter, Swiss Chocolate Mica, Hot Cocoa fragrance & colorant, Then drizzled with frosting.
Who would of thought soap could be so delicious smelling!

$5.00 per bar plus S/H
Double Fudge Brownie Soap

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Neapolitan Soap Pops

Are you or your kids a Neapolitan Ice Cream lover?
Your all going to love this. But don't eat it.
 This Neapolitan Pop with the fragrance of the real
thing is going to be irresistible.

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