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About Home at Hearth and Myself

Hey Cindy here.

Here at Home at Hearth you will find everything 'family friendly'.Products and articles for living a more simple life, Signature Soaps, Warmer Melts, products & articles on preparing for disaster & survival, Essential Oils & information, recipes and more for using them, Natural Aloe, Bee & Botanical products, products & articles on care of your animals inside and out in the barn/field plus more.
You will also notice affiliate links from time to time that help me keep the lights and computer on here as well.  I'm a mom of 4 lovely grown children and many awesome grandchildren. All so near and dear to my heart.
 Since 1998 I've had a growing passion for having my own business, living a simplified life, creating candles and soaps as well as teaching classes, creating graphics, creating websites and learning technology.
My know how of social media & technology has come a long, long way since then.  

Today I enjoy sharing products I find or create to make your life easier, learning and teaching about simple living, offgrid lifestyles, sustainable living, natural health, and products such  essential oils, aloe based, bee and botanical based products

I've had two gift shops since 1998, graduated computers more than once as well as upgraded cell phones several times.
I've continued to learn technology, improve building my websites as well as other's websites from time to time.

Some call me geeky but I'm not sure with changing technology I measure up. LOL
I do my best!
I no longer create websites for others but still create digital images for free and for sale that is now part of the updated site here for Nichaholic & Graphics as well as helps for navigating social media and the world wide web.

2018 finds me being thankful for life and family. I was diagnosed with a chronic disease that is manageable but at times has challenged me. 

In addition, I developed a severe infection in my mouth after removal of some teeth that landing me a couple hospital stays and surgery, as well as suffered 2nd degree burns on my foot. I'm all the more grateful for life, love ones and friends. 
The state of affairs politically and around the globe makes me take notice and be thankful for freedoms we still enjoy.

My grandchildren are growing up way too fast with two in college. One is married now and I have a new grandson, Ronin.

I have two Sheltie collies  almost 4 years old. Although they think they are still puppies. lol

As I've said a lot has changed  with me. I have went back to school in holistic medicine, aromatherapy, natural product creation and done some work with Gerson Therapy. I continue to further my education in order to better help you, I share natural products you'll find beneficial from Forever Living, Young Living and other awesome companies. In addition, I share articles and practical helps to make life it's best for you.

 I will soon be offering a lot more in natural health products, articles, videos, products, etc. and a free and paid membership part of the site in time.

In addition, I will begin to add products for those who live simple or want to. 

And something I've been looking forward to doing for sometime is sharing more products of other entrepreneurs that need the word to get out that what their offering is so amazing ya gotta know about them.
Companies like Fun Shaped Crayons with Matt and Lauren Neumann as well as Lauren sharing Younique to help you women look more stunning than you already are!

Too much for one site! No, I've decided you shouldn't have to gallop all over the web to find what you want.

I look forward to serving you and offering you the best I can find. So without any further ado, let's get this journey going and by the way don't miss any updates of what's new. 

Sign up below please and be sure to confirm the email your gonna receive. 

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Affiliate Links

I use affiliate links such as Amazon on this site to to keep the lights on and computers going.
I appreciate anytime you are able to make a purchase and thank you in advance!

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