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About Home at Hearth and Myself

Hey Cindy here.
I opened Home at Hearth with  a passion to help others with a desire live a simpler life, find useful products & information for home, family, garden,DIY, being a Prepper, Survivalist, Homesteader, natural products for being healthy and so much more.

Home at Hearth is family-owned & currently only online at this time. At Home at Hearth I'm commited to cut a lot product hype & treat my customer like you are a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but I hope you will find Home at Hearth stands apart!

Committed to helping you go where you want to, live the life you want and tthrive while you do it

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Affiliate Links

I use affiliate links such as Amazon on this site to to keep the lights on and computers going.
I appreciate anytime you are able to make a purchase and thank you in advance!

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