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Home at Hearth's Handcrafted Soaps
I enjoy and appreciate making
 super moisturizing soaps for myself and others. I make each soap as they are ordered. It is usually a week from creation to delivery. You won't find any detergent products like you fnd on the store shelves here! If you need soaps faster please contact me.
The majority of my soaps are made with glycerin that is highly moisturizing for our skin.
I also do some cold process soaps, specialty soaps all for adults and kids. If you have any questions or need help please use the button below to contact me.
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High quality and 100% customer satisfaction is my top priority
I have made these Chocolate Mint Soaps for a few years. These are made with glycerin, natural fragrance and color. Why wash with a soap from the store that's mere detergent when you can moisturize your skin with these and the fragrance is awesome!
Each bar is aprox. 3 oz and is yours for $3.50 each
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