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Cindy Fox, Owner of Home at Hearth
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About Home at Hearth
I opened Home at Hearth with  a passion to help others with a desire live a simpler life, find useful products & information for home, family, garden,DIY, being a Prepper, Survivalist, Homesteader, natural products for being healthy and so much more.

Home at Hearth is family-owned & currently only online at this time. At Home at Hearth I'm commited to cut a lot product hype & treat my customer like you are a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but I hope you will find Home at Hearth stands apart!
I am a mom, grandma and use my experience of the ups and downs of life, obstacles, keeping a home, living in the city and rural, raising a family, homeschooling, my passion to live simple, offgrid and somewhat guarded about how we live life in troubled times.
Committed to helping you go where you want to, live the life you want and tthrive while you do it
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