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🛁 Bath or Shower 🚿

Good evening.
How's your weekend going so far?
It's been kind of weird weather here.
Started down pouring rain, thundering and hailing.
Weird for wintertime.
A nice warm shower sure is in order!
It occurs to me not everyone takes time out to enjoy 
a bath. So I had a brain storm to do 'Shower Bombs'.
Perfect for the shower when we only have time for a shower or prefer it.
And in time for the holidays this 'Peppermint Shower Bomb' hits the spot!

This 4 oz shower bomb is light green & made with Peppermint essential oil. The aroma can impact cognitive functions as well as help with attention span , memory & logical thinking! Peppermint oil is also known for calming the mind as well as taking the edge off of anxiety! 
 Created with Citric Acid , Baking Soda , Sunflower Oil, Organic Shea Butter , Essential Oil , Natural Colorant.
Peppermint Shower Bomb
4 oz

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