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Good Morning and a Happy Sunday

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A Good Evening to Focus on Wellness

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Good evening. How's your weekend going so far? It's beautiful weather here today. I've still been a bit under the weather and really super appreciate this message to continue to get healthy and stay healthy. I hope you will find her information very helpful.   
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A Good Autumn Evening

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Good evening.
How's your day been?
It's been a cool, cloudy and windy day here.
On the way to work and home I noticed the beautiful color of the leaves. Makes the cool and cloudy day all worth it!

I know most people don't drink coffee in the evening because it keeps them awake.
It never does me and it sure warms me up tonight.
It is especially warming since I still have this congestion and sore throat. 

I'm a bit behind I know but it's time to start sharing again the novel, 'What if Martial Law was Declared'.
Below you will find the links for Part 1-4 on Thrive Don't Survive to read at your leisure. If your like me you won't want to stop reading. 
Enjoy your evening and I look forward to sharing more soon.
What if Martial Law Was Declared by Jack Woods

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Good Evening

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Hello and good evening.
Geez been awhile since I've been here and shared. 
I have gotten moved to my new home and now am slowly unpacking and finding a place for everything.
Unfortunately I was plagued with a kidney stone and then came down with severe chest congestion and a cough. 
Thank goodness I'm on the mend now.
I look forward to sharing a bit more frequently from here on out.
I haven't been able to get much done on the new site or follow up on a lot of plans I have. Yet I press on.

How have you been? Are you enjoying this autumn weather?
I sure love the changes of colors with the leaves and the cooler weather. Actually sometimes it's a lot cooler than I prefer.
I hope you have a great night and I look forward to sharing more soon.

#Evening #autumn #illness
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A Good October Evening to You

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I hope you have had a great day and the first day of October has went well for you. 
I love this time of year. Soon the leaves will start turning pretty colors and pumpkins will be all over the place. Not to mention having bonfires, roasting marshmallows, hay rides and more.
Is autumn a favorite of yours. If so what's your favorite about it.

#autumn #October #pumpkins #bonfires #hayrides

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