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👪BBQ, 🐶Treats and Cooking with Fire 🔥

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Good Morning and Happy Saturday!
I haven't shared for sometime.
I've been busy looking for a new house and working quite a few hours.
Also after my website fail and discovering after months working on the new site, discovering it wasn't properly viewable on your phone or tablet, I've started over with a new site and lots of changes.
So I ask your patience with me and what I'm doing.

This morning the dogs were up early as usual but it afforded me the opportunity to get their dog treats done for a few days.
I no longer use a recipe. I simply beat 2 eggs, add aprox. a cup of applesauce, a cup of peanut butter, mix and add my flour until it's of consistency to scoop on a spoon and put on the pan. I bake at 350 for 17 minutes and their done. 


Labor Day is coming this week as well as it's the start of a new month.
For many this is 'Labor Day' weekend and many are celebrating with BBQ and get togethers.

This morning I was watching CBS This Morningand loved their segment on Francis Mallman,
Francis Mallman is the world's most famous proponent of open fire cooking. Open fires are the oldest cooking method in the world -- but Mallman has taken them to new levels. He's been honing his primal technique for two decades, following an early start in a far more refined setting: classic French kitchens. 
Mallman's message seems clear. Get out of your chair, and venture out into the wilderness. Having seen and become enthralled with the theatre of fine dining, Mallmann's style in the country seems theatrical in a different way. Friends, food, and wine are valued, almost revered, and the wilderness is seen as a place to reflect on the joys and sorrows of life. Surely, we can all agree on that.

“It’s a land that you learn to love very slowly. You start to understand it’s winds, the storms, the solitude. And once you understand how she is, you start to love her.”
— Frances Mallmann on Patagonia: Quote from his episode on the Netflix series Chef's Table
Watch the video below from CBS Saturday Morning 
(Sorry about their commercials)but I think you'll appreciate what Frances is doing!

I love being outdoors and cooking over fire when not using my Sun Oven. 
 Let me know your thoughts below, if you enjoyed this post and what your up to this weekend. 
P.S. Frances also has a great book,

Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way


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'What Would Happen if Martial Law Were Declared' Part 1

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Good evening. I shared a message yesterday on Facebook that I was working on doing a video for the Fictional Novel, 'What Would Happen if Martial Law Were Declared'. The more I commenced on working on it, I realized I can't do Jack Woods novel justice by doing the video. In addition, I believe I'll rob you of the visuals and impact you'll have as you read this novel even not all in one sitting. What I did was create an intro to the 1st Chapter and perhaps I'll do one for each chapter he's written..
I will also link to Dan's site, 'Sullivan Survival' for each chapter where he shares the novel to help others. I'd rather do this than waste time with you waiting for the next chapters so long. I'm beginning again with Chapter 1 and the link is below for Chapter 1 after you watch the video.Other chapters will follow soon.

#MartialLaw #JackWoods #SurvivalSullivan #DanSullivan
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For the Love of Our Animals

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My dog Dusty is here to bring home the issue of dogs having a dry nose and treating it with Blissful Nose Butter.
Dusty is a Shetland Sheepdog. He's had reoccurring problems with his nose being dry and cracking. 
The Vet tells me to keep his nose moist.
This condition can be due to a form of Lupus in some dogs. 

Shetland Sheepdogs are elegant,beautiful dogs. Their loving, gentle temperament has made them a popular family dog and their intelligence has them at the top of the class in obedience. Of course they deserve to look and feel their best!
Sheltie's, many other breeds including those with flat noses can suffer from dry nose for various reasons.
Your Sheltie's dry nose may be an overall dull, dry nose or a more extreme version, called nasal hyperkeratosis, in which nose tissue grows out of control over the nose in chunks or layers. Good news, Nose Butter works on all levels of Shetland Sheepdog dry nose issues.
Your Sheltie is innately hardwired to keep an eye on those under her care. Has your Sheltie ever herded kids, other dogs or YOU? Your Sheltie may never herd (or SEE) a goose, duck or flock or sheep. But that doesn’t mean the genetic push to herd isn't there. Sheltie used their super keen noses to sniff out sheep hidden in a thicket or behind a tree. And of course, to catch first whiff of any predator or intruder. Your Sheltie will feel balanced, confident and in control when her nose is in good shape.

Collie nose, which is officially called discoid lupus erythematosus, affects Collies, Shelties, other collie-types and many other dog types. This inflammatory condition is believed to have a somewhat genetic component, which means the breed type has a predisposition toward it.
There are a lot of approaches to controlling the symptoms and while Nose Butter will help soothe your Sheltie’s nose, we do not offer it as a cure to Collie Nose. Nothing will CURE Collie Nose, as it is a condition, but the uncomfortable nose aspects often CAN be controlled with Nose Butter.
Our best advice is to try Nose Butter and test how it works for your Sheltie. Bliss Tip! Warm it up to the point of almost being melted prior to application. This will minimize discomfort to an already ravaged nose. More Collie Nose info is here.
 How to Apply
Dab, Distract, Done! technique works for most dogs. If you have a stubborn Sheltie, try these tips and the ones below in the tabs.

  • Warm the product before applying for faster absorption; Put in pocket for a bit to warm + TIN - scoop a bit out with finger or spoon and warm in your palm
  • DAB on your dog's nose
  • DISTRACT to keep them from licking it off (give treat, feed dinner, go for walk)
  • REPEAT 2-3x daily for 1-3 days or until better
  • Use as needed for maintenance (usually 1-2x a week)
  • No active ingredients & won't harm your dog if they lick (or eat) some
 About Nose Butter
  • Individually handcrafted by The Blissful Dog in far northern Minnesota
  • All natural and organic ingredients used: Shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, cocoa seed butter, avocado oil, beeswax + scented version essential oils; cedar wood, cypress and ylang ylang
  • .15 oz (lip balm size) or .50 oz tubes + 1, 2, 4, 8 & 16 oz tins
  • Unscented or Lightly Scented (I've currently listed lightly scented at the bottom of this post. If you desire unscented before I post them please email at the bottom of this post and I'll get back to you)
  • Includes complete directions booklet
  • Shetland Sheepdog Label
  • Note: Nose Butter is very thick and dense to penetrate your dog's leathery nose tissue
 Below You Will find a video from Blissful Dog to helping you apply the Nose Butter and how to purchase.

Tins or Tubes? 
-Tin-Scoop out & apply with fingers 
-Tin-Better value per ounce 
-Tube-Product is dabbed onto dog’s nose 
-Tube-Convenient for travel Tube-Less mess Tube
-Product is easy to open for those with arthritis or grip issues

 1oz Tin-$8.95
 Nose Butter 1 oz

Blissful Nose Butter 2 oz Tin-$13.95
Blissful Nose Butter 2 oz

Blissful Nose Butter 4 oz-$19.95
Blissful Nose Butter 4 oz

Blissful Nose Butter 8 oz-$29.95
Blissful Nose Butter 8 oz
Blissful Nose Butter 16 oz-$59.95
Blissful Nose Butter 16 oz

Blissful Nose Butter Tubes
Blissful Nose Butter Tube .15 oz-$4.95
Blissful Nose Butter Tube .15 oz

Blissful Nose Butter Tube 3-.15 oz Tubes
Blissful Nose Butter Tube 3-.15 oz Tubes

Blissful Nose Butter Tube .50 oz Tube

Email Me

Be sure to visit the page for our animal's care that is a work in progress.

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🌞Good Morning🌞

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🌞Happy Wednesday🌞 everyone
How's your morning going?
I'm getting ready to walk the dogs and then get 
back to work here on the site.
Since I had issues with the site I'd spent months
on and being told when done it wasn't readily available on mobile.
I am strategizing possibly having the other site available for desktop/laptop and this site for mobile but I'll update you later on.
I hope you have a great Wednesday and all is well.

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Fizz, Float and Relax

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Bath Bombs are sure to make bath time a pleasure for adults needing some relaxing time, and kids who love bath time too!I make bath bombs as they are ordered. It's usually approximately a week from creation to shipping, sometimes I'm faster😃
If you need a rush, please contact me!

Click the arrow below to come see all the awesome Bath Bombs waiting for you to drop in the tub. And for kiddos too!

Bath Bombs
 Bath Bombs

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Life's Full of the Unexpected

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I saw this video earlier and I thought, "What the heck. What's relaxing about laying in a hammock with one's phone."Then an unexpected glitch took place earlier 😟I announced the new website was ready and realized I'd been duped, being told it was responsive and mobile friendly. I discovered it is not. Now this video hits home hard when so many of us use our mobile to access everything. I spent weeks/months creating the new site but I've converted the domain back to this site and not the new one until I can decide my next strategy.
My apologies!

#TheUnexpected #NewWebsiteFail
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New Website: New Part of the Journey

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Good morning.
I hope you have a fantastic Friday and weekend.
In the next few days When you come here you'll come to the new website.
It should be published and up and running very shortly.
The new site is a work in progress but I'm excited for this new part of the journey. 

#newWebsite #NewJourney #Friday
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Gone Before You Get There

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 Good afternoon. I haven't been here for a bit. I've been busy as a bee working on the new website and the E-Book, 'Gone Before You Get There'. It is now available for $19.99. 
 These 81 pages will be a resource you don't want to be without and a resource you will always 
want to refer back to.
  I've created this video just for you and you can view it below.

Your link to purchase is below. Once your payment is cleared, you will receive an email to download your E-book. 
I'm excited to share this awesome resource with you.

#GoneBeforeYouGetThere #Ebook #Disasters #Emergencies #Preparedness

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