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🌞Good Morning🌞

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🌞Happy Wednesday🌞 everyone
How's your morning going?
I'm getting ready to walk the dogs and then get 
back to work here on the site.
Since I had issues with the site I'd spent months
on and being told when done it wasn't readily available on mobile.
I am strategizing possibly having the other site available for desktop/laptop and this site for mobile but I'll update you later on.
I hope you have a great Wednesday and all is well.

#Wednesday #morning  
8:57:00 AM

Fizz, Float and Relax

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Bath Bombs are sure to make bath time a pleasure for adults needing some relaxing time, and kids who love bath time too!I make bath bombs as they are ordered. It's usually approximately a week from creation to shipping, sometimes I'm faster😃
If you need a rush, please contact me!

Click the arrow below to come see all the awesome Bath Bombs waiting for you to drop in the tub. And for kiddos too!

Bath Bombs
 Bath Bombs

#BathBombs #SurpriseBathBombs #ForKids

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Life's Full of the Unexpected

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I saw this video earlier and I thought, "What the heck. What's relaxing about laying in a hammock with one's phone."Then an unexpected glitch took place earlier 😟I announced the new website was ready and realized I'd been duped, being told it was responsive and mobile friendly. I discovered it is not. Now this video hits home hard when so many of us use our mobile to access everything. I spent weeks/months creating the new site but I've converted the domain back to this site and not the new one until I can decide my next strategy.
My apologies!

#TheUnexpected #NewWebsiteFail
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New Website: New Part of the Journey

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Good morning.
I hope you have a fantastic Friday and weekend.
In the next few days When you come here you'll come to the new website.
It should be published and up and running very shortly.
The new site is a work in progress but I'm excited for this new part of the journey. 

#newWebsite #NewJourney #Friday
12:01:00 PM

Gone Before You Get There

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 Good afternoon. I haven't been here for a bit. I've been busy as a bee working on the new website and the E-Book, 'Gone Before You Get There'. It is now available for $19.99. 
 These 81 pages will be a resource you don't want to be without and a resource you will always 
want to refer back to.
  I've created this video just for you and you can view it below.

Your link to purchase is below. Once your payment is cleared, you will receive an email to download your E-book. 
I'm excited to share this awesome resource with you.

#GoneBeforeYouGetThere #Ebook #Disasters #Emergencies #Preparedness

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