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Sprouting Seeds for Survival

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It's been on my mind to share about sprouting seeds for survival and in times of crisis.
Sprouts can be grown anywhere, in any climate, and in almost any condition, even in the dark.
It cost so little to sprout seeds and so simple even a child can do it.

You can sprout nearly any type of seed and harvest a tasty treat thatcan supplement for lack of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The most popular are alfalfa and mung bean sprouts. Sprouts are oneof the most complete and nutritional of all foodstested. Sprouts contain vitamins, minerals, proteins,and enzymes. In times of crisis, when you can’t growanything or get fresh produce anywhere, sprouts willprovide a consistently reliable source of fresh, high nutrient vegetables 
rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and B Vitamins. 
They pack a lot of wallop for something so small, so cheap, and so easy to grow.

All you need is a quart jar and a porous lid or covering and water. A lid with holes will do, or a
piece of nylon or cheesecloth secured with a rubber
band. They are ready to eat in about 3-5 days. You
can keep different types growing in rotation at all times.
Sprouts can be added to soups, scrambled eggs, meat dishes or mostany foods for added nutrition. Always add them after cooking as heat destroys
the nutritional value. Search resources to purchase seeds and begin practicingthe art of sprouting now. Add this item to your survival stockpile. This little
secret alone could save your life in times of crisis! But don't wait till a crisis,  start growing 
them now if your not already and add that extra nutrition to your meals. 

I like this Seed Sprouting Jar Kit shown above that includes 3 Sprouter Mason Jars with Screen Lids Stands and Trays - Sprout Germinator Set to Grow Your Own Organic Alfalfa Brocolli Microgreens Beans Seeds Sprouts from Kenley.
If you would like to investigate it further, check out the link below.
I hope you've found this information helpful.
Have a great night.
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