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Good Evening: Let it Be a Relaxing One

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Good evening. I hope your Wednesday has went well.
It's been a nice day today. I'm thankful pouring rain has ceased and been replaced with warmer temps and a nice breeze.

You ever have those evenings where you can't seem to get motivated to do much and just wanna relax!
That's me tonight lol
I believe I'll end my evening doing some reading and relaxing. 
Whatever your up to, I do hope you will have some time to just kick back a little.
Talk soon.

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🐝 Honey Bees Make the World a Better Place🐝

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Yesterday Was World Bee Day 

It got me to thinking about how much I enjoy Forever Bee Honey made by the honey bees and the many uses I find for it in addition to putting it in my drinks and in or on food.
Sometimes my eyes get puffy and have dark circles. I create a Honey and Cucumber Eye Treatment that cools, soothes and lessens the puffiness and dark circles.
I use the following ingredients:
-1/2 teaspoon try chamomile flowers
-2/3 cup boiling water
-1 teaspoon Plain & Unflavored Aloe Vera Gel
-1 teaspoon Honey
-1 teaspoon peeled, seeded and minced cucumber

1. You will need a glass or ceramic jar or container that can hold aproximately 1/2 oz
2. Put the dried chamomile flowers in a heat proof bowl and pour the boiling water over them. Let them cool for 30 minutes then strain the water off.
3. Meanwhile, blend the aloe, honey and cucumber until smooth.
4. Add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of the chamomile infusion you created earlier and stir until full combined. The consistency should be firm but easy to spread. Scoop into your jar, chill and apply gently to the area around your eyes.
You can store this in the frig for a week.
Also do be careful when applying any new to the sensitive area around your eyes. I'd suggest trying just a tiny bit to make sure you don't have any reaction.
In addition,  if your allergic to bee stings I'd not use this at all!

I hope you've enjoyed what I've shared.

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Good Afternoon. Today is 🐝'World Bee Day' 🐝and seems appropriate to share Forever Honey from the Bees. ❤️
I like this great tasting sweetener that is easy on the tummy and a natural energy source. 
Honey has been renowned for it's soothing and moisturizing properties and is one of the oldest known cosmetics known to man. I'll share a few healthful recipes for your body and hair tomorrow πŸ™‚
#Honey #Forever #Sweetner #Baking #bodycare #Cosmetics
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Rusty and Forever

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Good afternoon. Hope your Monday is going well. I just ordered all the animals some Forever Veterinarian Formula and Aloe Gel. They all have goopy eyes. Watch the video and I’ll let Rusty tell ya all about it πŸ˜€
#foreverliving #video  #monday
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πŸŽ• Aquaponic Here I Go 🐟

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Happy Thursday everyone!
I'd shared in What are You Planting Pt 3 that I was going to venture into aquaponics.

After watching Airspeed's 'My DIY Aquaponics Aquarium Project' at I was real inspired to start my own but at a very small scale. I'm doing a Spearmint plant to start out with and because it's a smaller aquarium it will be perfect to start.

I have one fish currently but will be adding a few more by the end of the week.
My piece of styrofoam was thicker than I like but used what I have and will get a thinner piece soon and replace it.
I cut a place in the styrofoam for the filter pump and the cup and put on top of the aquarium.
I put holes in the cup to let there be free water flow then cleaned the dirt off the roots before placing it in the cup and adding to the aquarium. I have the aquarium below the LED lights and now I'm anxious to watch how things progress. Stay tuned and will share more soon.

Be sure to sign up for Home at Hearth Updates and get what I'm sharing right in your mailbox by signing up at the link below:

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Helping a Friend

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😺Forever and Our Pets πŸ•

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 I am an owner of three dogs and two cats and I can't say enough about how Forever Living Products have benefited my animals.
The Forever Living range of products are just not for humans, animals can also benefit too. πŸ˜ΊπŸ•πŸ΄They can be used with horses, cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, farm animals and even reptiles.πŸ„πŸ’ 🐍Now you have an alternative to very expensive veterinary bills. It doesn't mean you shouldn't consult with your veterinarian for your animal's health care needs. In fact they may be quite impressed at the benefit of Forever's products with your animals. 

Topical products such as Aloe Liquid Soap - for cleansing wounds or irritations. Aloe Veterinary Formula - An easy to apply spray is that is ideal to soothe irritations, and can be used to cleanse before applying dressings or applying Aloe Vera Gelly. Spray onto coats after bathing for shine and conditioning and use as a soothing wash to soothe skin irritations, provide protection after heavy exercise and more. And Aloe Propolis Creme has some amazing benefits as well.
Forever Tooth Gel  is excellent for dogs dental hygiene.

As well as the oral such as Freedom for inflamation of joints and Forever Aloe Drinks help soothe the digestive system, and the Pollen and Propolis
is very beneficial.

In the following video David Urch and Peter Kemble, top veterinarians having used Forever Living Products over 17 years do an excellent job explaining how Forever Living Products can help our pets. In addition, there are some beneficial testimonies of those who have used Forever Living Products with their animals.

For those of you who follow and are connected at Forever Living's site, I am in process of combining that site here with Home at Hearth. It makes more sense to have all in one places and will be a lot easier I believe for all of you! 
All the more reason to be sure to sign up for Home at Hearth Updates below if your not already. 

Home at Hearth Facebook 
Thrive Not Survive Group: 
Forever Inspired VIP Group:  

#ForeverLiving #animalcare#David Urch
#Peter Kemble #Video #AloeVera #Testimonies

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Good evening

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Good evening.How's your day been? Today started out very rainy but the sun came out and it's been a beautiful day.
I hope you have a restful night.

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No More Bad Hair Days, Please!

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Happy Tuesday!

 I hope you aren't having a terrible bad hair day like this gal. lol

I found this picture on Wititudes and love it. 
My hair isn't normally this frizzy if I let it dry naturally but close 🀣
and it can sure be a mess if I don't take care of it. 

What do you do to take care of your hair?
I'm curious if you keep trying to find that just right

products for your hair. 

For me finding the right shampoo and conditioner
used to be as challenging as finding a soap
that was for real and not detergent.
(I won't get on my rant about the soap right now)

When you have super long hair like mine
it's important to have product that works.
Even if your hair is shorter than mine
you want it to be clean, soft and manageable, right!

I've discovered Forever Aloe Jojaba Shampoo
and Conditioner.
My hair and I have a love for it.
It's not just aloe and it's just not jojoba that makes these so nurturing.

Lavender Essential Oil

Forever's Lavender Essential Oil makes my hair shine
& makes my scalp feel so good too.

Plus such a nice soothing fragrance too.

Also I appreciate the natural, gentle sudsing of the aloe in the shampoo. 

Forever's Aloe Jojoba conditioner is a prize to me for it's moisture boosting properties from the jojoba, macadamia oil, lavender oil, and sunflower seed oil.
And no build up in my hair either!

Go for it! Take good care of you & your
hair especailly with summer on it's way!
Click the red headed gal below, scroll down to Personal Care Products and see what all my raves are about!

Redhead Girl

P.S. Don't forget to join the VIP Group

and a reminder that Forever Inspired Website
 is now a part of Home at Hearth!
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πŸ“Strawberries and Chocolate 🍫 Oh Yes!!

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Good afternoon. Look what I found! Strawberries and Chocolate Chips--Yum! I can't wait to get my taste buds pleased with these!
Get this yumilicious recipe here: Strawberries and Chocolate Chip Muffins

#Strawberries #ChocolateChips #Muffins  

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The Eve of Mother's Day

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Good evening. I hope all of you Mom's have had a wonderful day!
I've had a nice quiet day with the animals at home. 
It's been a cool and rainy day but I've enjoyed it.
I've talked with family and made a few cute funny videos for Mom's out there and just been kicking back.
Feel free to share your day if you'd like in the comments. I hope the rest of your evening is super enjoyable.

#MothersDay #Evening
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Have a Berry Good Saturday

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Anyone else glad it's Saturday!
I'm looking forward to some time outdoors doing things like walking the dogs, mowing the grass that might look like a jungle soon if I don't 🀣 and working on my plants and hydroponic project. None of it's work to me. It's all things I enjoy doing.
What are you doing to enjoy the day?
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🐢 Natural Disasters and Your Pets 🐈

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Good evening.  
How's your Thursday been?
Mine has went pretty well. Worked at the Pet Refuge for a few hours and then home to my fur babies.
Tonight I want to share about the fact that there seems for some time to be so many more natural disasters than I ever remember. It can be downright scary! What will you do about your pets if there is a for instance, a flood? I captured this video of heroic police officers rescuing three woman and a dog from flood waters recently. It got me to thinking about this very topic.

Over the last 20 years natural disasters have about tripled.
The news constantly reports about flooding, tornadoes, wildfires and hurricanes.
If you have a dog(s) and cats I believe it's really important to have a preparation plan for them as well as for yourself.
Think about it if your prepared for just about anything for you, your family and your pets, there is no reason to get all freaked out! Or at least we won't freak out as much lol

 πŸΆπŸˆ  After Hurricane Katrina the the Federal Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act of 2006 (PETS) was put into place so in a natural disaster if you have to go to a shelter you can take your pets with you.
What would you do if you got to a shelter and they said it was full and your pets can't come in!
I know what I'm doing! I am having Plan B!
I'd call friends and family that are close and probably won't be in an evacuation area to see if should the need arise can they care for my animals.
Or I'd call hotels in advance to see which are 'pet friendly' so could call them for a room if need be.
I have friends in Georgia who stayed at a motel during tornado destruction with their pets and were safe until danger subsided and they could go home.

🐢🐈Have an Emergency Kit for you and your pets as well.

Have at least a gallon of water for each of your pets or whatever you know they will be needing for 7 days. Water bottles will be the easiest to transport and be more compact. Also have enough food for them for up to 7 days. Also take their dishes too. If you want to keep things compact just purchase some disposable food dishes from Dollar Tree or some other discount store by you.

 Is your dog or cat on any medication? Talk to your vet about getting some extra medication to have if there should be a disaster. Prepare a Mini First Aid Kit as well. Include things like antibiotic cream, tape, cotton bandages, scissors, latex gloves and even include a first aid for pets book.

Make sure you have some potty pads and get aluminum foil trays. If you are in a shelter or somewhere your dog still has to go to the bathroom and putting potty pads on the tray would be an option. If you have a cat you could bring liter in a container and or even tear up newspaper and put on a tray for the cat to do it's thing.

🐈Your probably going to want your cat in a carrier and if you can begin in advance to harness train your cat(s) you will be able to allow the cats to move around more freely. Nothing more scary than having your cat run off out of fear.
I'm just letting my cats wear a harness around the house and letting them get used to it. It's becoming like no big deal to them.

If there is a disaster the cats can roam around if feasible on a leash and in their harnesses. 

🐢You'll also want a no pull harness for each of your dogs and leashes as well as carriers in the event their needed.
If your dog tends to get spooked easily perhaps bring a muzzle just in case but one they can breathe and drink through easily.

🐢🐈Make sure you have all your animals have tags with their name, your address and phone number as well as rabies tag. Have your pet's paperwork: medical records that includes medication and dosage requirements, dog license, adoption records, microchip info (yes have your pet microchip[ed and add photos to the collection). If for some reason you and your pets are separated you'll need proof your the owner and pictures will help others know what your pets look like. The microchip will aid in having your animals returned to you. 
Be sure to have your paperwork all in a sealed bag to keep it from getting wet. 

🐢🐈If your advised to stay in rather than leave know the safest room to retreat to in advance. Usually the safest rooms will be one without windows. You want to be safe from flying glass or debris during disasters such as hurricanes or tornadoes.
If possible store your emergency preps including water in the safe room. You can even fill your tub, sinks, etc for access to water if it's an option to access these.
If it's flooding your faced with, go to the highest safest place in your home. 

  🐢🐈 The devastation of Hurricane Katrina inspired the bi-partisan PETS Act to better serve pet owners during disaster relief.

    After reviewing the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, the ASPCA advised future relief efforts aimed at humans and pets together are more effective than separate initiatives.
    Hurricane Florence suggests that it’s beneficial to pack more food and water than standard emergency kit guidelines — if space and logistics allow.
    Natural disasters can impair or wipe out cellphone service — so write down important phone numbers and consider setting up a buddy system, where you and friends or family members chain messages together.
    The biggest lesson from recent disasters is simple: Evacuate if you are told to evacuate. Stubborn stay-putters place a strain on rescue efforts and increase the danger to themselves and their pets.

🐢🐈I hope you are finding this information useful and will start being proactive to get it happening to be prepared.
 Before you go don't forget to sign up for Home at Hearth Updates. Don't miss anything I'm sharing!
I want to give credit for some of this information to 
 Phillip Mlynar and 

#PetPreparedness #DisasterPreparedness #Animalsafety #Hurricanes #Flood #Tornadoes #PetEmergencyKit #PetFirstAid 

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🌞Make this an Aloeful Tuesday 🌞

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🌞 It's Monday 🌞

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🌞Good Morning 🌞
I hope you had a great weekend and 
enjoyed some nice weather.
So what's for breakfast where you are and what are your plans for the week?
Have the very best day! 

Be sure to join the Thrive Not Survive Group
#Monday #Morning

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It Will Never Happen to Me

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Live Your Modern Life and Be a Master of Disaster!
Oh my gosh it's been a day. I have been focused on being a master of overcoming today. Good practice for whatever comes my way 🀣

I've been going through different and simple ways to prepare for emergencies and natural disasters.

It's late so I'm going to keep it short and sweet and do a bit of an overview.

I've been doing some reading lately and being educated a lot more on natural disasters that destroyed people's lives.
I was shocked to learn more about details of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
Did you know that the mayor of New Orleans made evacuation of a coming Category 3 hurricane not mandatory rather it was voluntary. It wasn't until the hurricane strengthened to a Category 5 did evacuation become mandatory.
Because of Hurricane Ivan not being as bad as was thought many weren't leaving and going through that again.
Levees continued breaching and 100's of people were drowning.
Some people were bused to refuge camps as detainees. There were murdered people in the camp, elderly and infirmed in the hot sun dying.
Outside the camp there were looters and vigilantes killing looters. Drug addicts were killing nurses if need be to get their drugs and on and on.
Okay this is not what we want to know or read but this stuff happened to normal people like you and I.
So stuff can happen. So don't say it will never happen to me!

I tend to look at the worse case scenarios and then I back up to where we are now-where I am now and make decisions on how to make plans in case things fall apart, praying it will never be like this where I'm at.

So let's just keep it simple and do the following:
1. Buy Basics You Need Anyway

2. Change Your Food Shopping Habits. building a necessary stockpile of food, saving money in the process.

3. Start a garden inside and outside. Load up with the freshest, healthiest food on your table.

4. Develop skills that make you a more self-reliant, well rounded and interesting person.

5. Develop plans for any kind of 
emergency that will put you steps ahead of many others.
6. Position yourself to be financially on top of things

I look forward to sharing more with you soon.
Have a great night.

#EmergencyPreparedness #DisasterPreparedness #MamasandCoffee #maccollab #ThriveDontSurvive

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Happy May Day

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I hope you enjoy your 1st day of May.
When I was little we made May Baskets and gave to friends and neighbors.
Then when I had kids and grandkids we did the same.
Is this something you have done or do?
No matter what you do have a beautiful Wednesday!

#Wednesday #May #MayDay

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