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🎕 Unleash Your Creativity 🎕

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Well you know Mom's Day is coming up soon.
Are you a creative type person or would like to try your 
hand at being creative this Mother's Day!
These 🎕Loofah Flower Soaps🎕are really simple to make and I believe they'd put a smile on your mom's face.
Or shoot, make yourself something special for Mother's Day. 

Below you'll find all the ingredients to get ordered
and get them made!😃
Click the text for each item and you'll be taken to order.


 1. Cut the m&p base into chunks and melt in the microwave in 30 second increments until melted.

2. Add up to 1/2 oz  fragrance oil to the base and mix well. 

 3. Pour into muffin cups about ½ full. 

 4. Place the loofa into the cup and compress with fingers to absorb the m&p base. 

 5. Pour remaining m&p base over the loofa’s and let set for approx 2 hours. 

 6. Pop out of muffin pan and you have Flowering Loofa Soaps!

I hope you have fun making these and your Mom enjoys these special treats you've made for her.

#Creativity #Mothersday #LoofahFlowerSoap #Handmade 
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Clean Water: A Survival Neccesity

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Good evening.
I hope you have had the best Thursday.
This evening I want to focus on having clean water for any emergency or disaster that may occur.

Perhaps when we think of preparedness we focus on having enough food. Maybe you even purchase MRE's or have stored food that that needs to be rehydrated or have water added to it.

Not to mention we need to have clean drinking water as well as water for personal hygience. We need to have enough for ourselves and each member of our family.
We can only last three days without drinking water so why chance being without!
You need to plan on aproximately one gallon of water a day for each person.

If you have the means and place to store water this will be excellent. 
You will need to add 1/4 cup of bleach to each gallon of water or 16 drops. 
The bleach needs to be free of scents, colors or any additives. Also needs to be 5-6% sodium hypochlorite. By all means make sure you clean your containers before adding water.
I'd also suggest not using plastic milk containers because they don't seal well. Also don't use plastic containers used for non-food items. 

Before using your water you will want to purify to remove the chlorine bleach and any impurities that may still be present. 
I use a Berkey Water Filter on a regular daily basis and it is ideal for removing the bleach and impurities from water. 
The Berkey is able to filter out chlorine, bacteria, chemicals and other impurities beyond 99.99% while leaving necessary essential minerals our body needs.
The Berkey is gravity fed so needs to electricity. If the power is out your covered. 

The Berkey above is what I use and will purify 3.5 gallons of water per hour.
If your interested in purchasing yours, you may do so below.

If your not able to store a lot of water, you know a disaster or emergency is coming you can fill your tub or any containers you have as soon as your made aware.
 You can even fill your bathtub with water and purify as needed.
Another option is to purchase a Water Bob that fits your bathtub and holds a 100 gallons of water.
A siphon pump comes with the WaterBob so you can fill jugs and purify the water in the Berkey.
It will take aproximately 20 minutes to fill.
If you'd like to have a WaterBob on hand you can purchase below.
You definitely won't be standing in line waiting to purchase bottled water flying off the shelves when you get to the store. 
If your real proactive and find good deals on bottled water at the store you could be stocking up on some or at least as much as your able to store.

There is so much more I'd like to share but will save it for next time.

I hope you have a great night!

#WaterPurification #disasterPreparedness #WaterBob #BerkeyWaterFilter #EmergencyPreparedness #BeProactive #ThriveDontSurvive #maccollab
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What are You Planting Pt 3

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Benny deciding he would like to play in the plant dirt-NOT

How's your night going?
I got the dogs their walk and enjoyed the cooler evening.

I've been much delayed in sharing more on planting. Finally, getting back to sharing more. 
I really believe it's important to have as many food sources as possible. Your garden outdoors will be a wonderful plus and if there is a natural disaster that would destroy that garden having food growing inside will be to your advantage.

The above is my newest location with my smaller LED grow lights.

Benny the kitty has decided she has an interest in digging the dirt out of these plants (tomatoes and lavender). She didn't seem to have an interest in any other locations but here she does. She doesn't want to use them for a liter box just dig the dirt out. 
I'm open to suggestions to keep this little munchkin out of my plants. I put a plastic fence around it that she jumped over or went around. Next I'm going to be trying citrus peels since cats don't like citrus and they won't harm my plants or the cat for that matter.

  My next project is a take off with aquaponic growing and I think so simple most anyone can do this. 
Using a small fish tank or larger if you choose. I've even know people who have bought property with a pool, grew plants and went fishing for the fish in their pool to eat. 
This is a bit more elaborate than I want to do right now.

Well this is all for tonight and I'll be sharing more soon-a lot sooner than I had been I promise 😃

#Planting #GrowLights #LED #aquaponic #GrowingwithFish
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It's a Beautiful Evening

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Good evening. It's a beautiful one here. 
I'm getting ready to walk the dogs and enjoy
the nice weather before I share some more with you. 
I hope your enjoying your evening and look forward to sharing more soon.

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Happy Monday

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Good Morning and a Happy Monday everyone!
I hope you had an enjoyable Easter.
Did you go to church, spend time with family, kids find easter eggs or all the above 😃

I worked at the Pet Rescue and came home and had Easter with the dogs and cats 😺
Have a great Monday and hope won't be spending too much time cleaning up after that easter meal and company. Maybe get a nap in!
#Monday #PostEaster
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Happy Easter

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Happy Easter and Resurrection Day!
May this be a glorious and wonderful day of celebration.

#Easter #ResurrectionDay
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Time Got Away:E-Cards to the Rescue

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Good Evening. How has your day been?
It's been a busy week for me and time truly has gotten away from me in getting Easter Cards 
to those I care about.
I have a rocking solution and thought I'd share it with you too.

Hallmark has some pretty cool e-cards I can send to those I care about.

Stop over to Hallmark at the link below and find just the right card to send!

#Easter #ECards #SendYours
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Happy Friday and Easter Weekend

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Good Morning and Happy Easter weekend

This weekend many of us celebrate the Resurrection of the Risen Savior as well as we have dinner with family and kids have a blast looking for Easter eggs and getting candy.

Sometimes because rabbits are so associated with Easter parents buy cute little bunnies from breeders or others to compliment the occassion.

Sadly most parents don't understand the care of this cute little bunny after Easter is crucial.
Bunnies are cute and cuddly but need food, water, and lots of day to day care that is unique to them. If your considering a bunny for your kids this Easter, please do your homework and count the cost before making the commitment to do so.

I work at a shelter with surrendered bunnies who are adorable.
I do hope a lot of bunnies won't end up surrendered in pet shelters or worse dying from lack of proper care. 
Enjoy your weekend!
#Easter #BunnyRabbits #ResurrectionSunday #EasterEggs #Celebrate
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What's in Your Survival Kit

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Good evening

  Tonight I'm talking about not what actually fits in an envelope rather food storage for now, the future and for day to day life being a lot simpler.

You can have your storage pantry with plenty of food stored that you don't even have to go to the grocery store so often, spend a ton of time preparing a list and shopping even when there isn't an emergency or disaster. It's called being prepared.

I'm in the process of doing some re-arranging to make things more efficient. I have an upstairs pantry and down in the basement as well.
I store foods that are canned, dried, pkged, MRE's (military grade food packaged and ready to eat as a meal), food in the deep freeze and growing veggies in the house and garden (More on that soon)

So if the power goes out, there is an emergency, disaster or I lose my income, I won't go hungry. If none of these happen I still have plenty of food and can make wholesome meals to eat. If my grandson is here on a weekend, or a family member(s) come from out of town, I can just increase the amount I'm making.
Would it be nice if there is a snow storm in winter, the power goes out in the middle of a hot summer or another catastrophe is playing out not to have to run to the store and grab all you can from already depleted shelves!
I have bread baked in the freezer and can more as needed.
So what if the power goes out, no electricity or I can't use the gas stove!
Well then I have a wood stove, sun oven, build a fire outside and have a chiminea that I can use to make  bread and other meals as well. Or I can use the generator and power things up if I choose.
I purchase milk in boxes that doesn't need refrigeration until opened. 

I encourage you to watch for sales to stock up on food and learn to use coupons effectively if your not already doing so. Only stock up on items that you save money on.
Be proactive and prepared because something could happen.
I've heard it said "Be Prepared" is more than a Boy Scout Motto.
Anyone can do this and you don't necessarily have to be a Mormon or a Doomsday Prepper!

You don't have to prepare for a year in advance if you don't want to but having some food storage and a bit more than your average pantry of food will serve you well.

I look forward to sharing more soon and more in depth. And I promise it won't be so long to wait this time!
#Foodstorage #BePrepared #maccollab #ThriveDontSurvive

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