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πŸ›€ Bomb the Bath πŸ›€

πŸ›€ Bath time doesn't have to be boring! 
Pop in some of these bath bombs I'm creating. 
Add one or add a couple. Experiment with a couple different kinds or two of the same! Relax and have fun!
We adults (yes men too) need that time to kick back and relax or enjoy that time!
The kids are crazy about baths usually and if their not a bath bomb or two may just be the clincher! 
Watch the video below, get those bath bombs ordered and let the bombing begin.
All orders placed this weekend will go out no later than next Friday.
If you order after that I'll notify you when I'll ship πŸ˜„

 I'm making more all the time now but right now I have the following I'm making now:
Sweet Pea
Cherry Almond
Crazy Love
Kiss Me
Pear Raspberry
Root Beer
Strong Coffee
Moonlight Roses
Moraccan Vanilla
Pink Sugar
Very Valentine

Bath Bombs

For some reason Pink Sugar didn't get on the drop down list so here ya go. Click the image to order it. Sorry about that.
Pink Sugar Bath Bomb


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