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πŸ”₯ Keeping Toasty on a Cold Day πŸ”₯

 Good afternoon. How's Wednesday going for you?
It's a brrrry day here and good one to stay warm.
It's a good day to keep the πŸ”₯stove or fireplace
πŸ”₯ going if you use one. These handy Fire Starters come in handy. Occasionally I'll get wood that doesn't want to take off in the stove and they give a boost I need. They are also essential for emergency preparedness. Ideal for wood burning stoves. Convenient for starting a fire and heating or cooking food. Made of cedar. Can be stored indefinitely. 
Available in a box of 36 for $39 and $2 S/H

Fire Starters

#KeepToastyWarm #FireStarters #EmergencyPreparedness #Woodburning

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