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A Christmas Wish for Riah

Tonight I am sharing something a bit different and working at a Pet Refuge I know the heart break of dogs no one seems to want or invest in.
So I'm sharing Riah's Christmas Wish.
Please read on, pass this on and share. If you can make Riah's Christmas Wish come true please contact 
Rescuing Riah!

By now a lot of you know Riah, the 80lb bully we have had off and on since she was 6 months old that is now 2. Riah is still waiting for that special family to notice her and take her home, forever. Riah is tired of being moved from foster to foster and not having anyone to love her for who she is. Riah is allergic to humans and to mold. Yes, she is allergic to humans, that is correct. For that reason she needs to be on apoquel and be bathed in a special shampoo and she can only eat certain kinds of food. Riah also needs to be the only pet in the home. Riah is a great dog. She is housetrained and kennel trained, knows sit, lay down, shake and stay. She is very food motivated and a quick learner. She loves people, all people, big, small, males and females. No fears or anxiety. She is very much a normal dog who seeks out human affection and wants to show affection. She can be snuggled and handled like a normal dog even though she is allergic to humans. No one will adopt Riah. No one will even foster Riah. Right now she spends most of her time in a kennel because she is not a fan of other dogs. She has been adopted and returned twice so she sits and waits. This beautiful big baby girl needs a home for Christmas. She deserves a home just as every dog does. She has spent most of her life in rescue and not just in Unbreakabull Bullies, she was with an independent rescuer that could no longer afford her care before coming to UB, that is how we ended up with her. Riah just wants a normal life and to be loved like a normal dog and to give love like a normal dog, she just needs the right family. Riah would make an excellent ESA because she is so people oriented. All of us at Unbreakabull Bullies want to see Riah home for the holidays with a family that loves her. If you are interested in hearing more about Riah or have questions please message me. Riah can be transported anywhere for the right family, so don't let distance scare you away, she is currently in Des Moines Iowa. If you want to apply to adopt Riah please go to and fill out the adoption application. If you would like to foster Riah please private message me. All food, her meds, shampoo and kennel are provided for anyone who fosters her. If you can't adopt or foster Riah please share this post and pray for a Christmas wish to come true.
Location-Des Moines Iowa

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