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When Food Doesn't Bring Us Together

Illustration by Lance Lump
Good Morning
I am wishing you the best Thursday!

I don't know if churches do homecomings where your at but they do in the south.
'Homecoming' is where you get together at a church you grew up in, bring food to share and hang out.
The picture of this article caught my eye and I thought "Wow, I gotta Read This"! I read and it's a totally different perspective than I expected. In fact, a totally different article than I expected. I'm glad I read and thankful Tina shared what it's like for her! I'm not embracing any political stance as much as I'd like to but due to haters I'll let you read and decide what you think. If you disagree with some of what Tina shares, I hope you have some kindness and grace in your heart to not act like a fool! Article below!

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