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Shopping In the Store or Online

So are you out doing Black Friday Shopping already? 

I shared this video earlier if you didn't get to see it on facebook or Twitter

Do you shop more online or are you out hitting the stores tonight?

If your shopping online tonight or throughout the season, I'll be sharing some Christmas decor and gift ideas until Dec. 17 in order to give plenty of time for shipping right to you!  

I want to start out the night with a few items of decor to bring Christmas home to us.

 11.5 LED Countdown Calender.
Count down the days till Christmas
in a charming way.
Yours while supplies last for $55.00

LED Countdown Calendar

I love this 9 inch musical Christmas LED Camper
Battery operated, rotating picture and plays 8 songs.
A few of the songs are 'Jingle Bells', 'Wish You A Merry Christmas', and 'Silent Night'.

6'H X 9"W X 4.5"D
Musical Led Camper

This is all for now and have a good night.
Don't stay up or out too late shopping!

I'll be sharing more soon so don't stay too far away.

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