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Loving Me Some Chocolate

I love you! You Love Me!
Chocolate that is!

Remember not so long ago I shared how I'm doing something a bit different.
Remember I said I would be offering more mouth watering chocolates!
I'm re-sharing the first follow up to what I shared in order to remind you. Also I have some more 'Chocolates' coming your way soon with the following deal so keep reading!!

You know chocolate is a universal gift that says so much to the one receiving the gift. 
Here's the 'different' I'm trying out.
I'm an Amazon affiliate and all the links for these delicious chocolates will take you to check out at Amazon.
If you place any order through Amazon I will send you 1 lb free of any of the chocolates I'm offering today.
Here's what you need to do:
1. Place your order
2. Once your order is approved and paid for, 
  email me at this link below.
I want my Chocolate
3. I need to know your order # and $$ amount, which chocolate you ordered and your contact email so I can be in touch. Don't forget to email me at I want my Chocolate
(Only 1 lb per order whether you order 1 or 10)
4. I'll be in touch, get your chocolate ordered and sent to you!
I'll do this through December 17 so you can receive your order in time! I'll be certainly sharing more chocolate goodies.
Now how cool a treat is this!
Let's get to shopping!

Madelaine Chocolates, Highly Detailed, Premium Dark or Milk Chocolate Fall Leaves - 1 Pound


    Oh! Nuts Chocolate Covered Cookie Gift Basket
     20 Verity Gourmet Assortment Set 
    Holiday Food Sandwich Cookies, Scrumptious to eat now, for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanuka or any occasion. The Elegant Boxed assortment is a great gifts too. 

    Elegant Holiday Gift Box features Classic Cookie Delights Coated with Premium Chocolate Crusting
    Certified Kosher and incredibly luscious rich taste make this a great Chanuka gift box to send
    Classy Corporate Gift Basket, Great For Birthday or Get Well GIfts – easy to send, delicious to receive
    Tradition just got a whole lot jazzier – old-fashioned Sanwich cookies meets high-end gourmet chocolate

    Oh! Nuts gift boxes create excitement for lucky recipients due to the high quality snacks inside and the premium taste of creamy chocolate– Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    Gourmet S’mores! Ready to Eat Handcrafted Milk Chocolate, Graham Cracker & Burnt Marshmallow S'mores

     Your all-time favorite campfire S’mores treat. Enjoy indoor smores at home! There isn’t anything like it. These Premade FYRE S’mores are a unique and novelty treat you simply have to eat! Get rid of the s'more sticks and s’mores skewers, these are ready to eat!
        These ready to eat S’mores bar can be your treat anywhere… Anytime. Burn the S’mores Maker itself. They are made with perfectly toasted marshmallows, a crunchy graham cracker crust and completely covered in milk chocolate.Each of the S'mores Bar are perfectly toasted Marshmallow covered in milk chocolate with a crunchy graham cracker crust to make the perfect s'more candy delivered in a resealable bag.
        Inspired by childhood memories of camping smores around a campfire with friends and family holding smores sticks into the flames. The Toasted Marshmallow Company is bringing you Ready to Eat FYRE S’mores made with the highest quality ingredients. No need to ask again, “What's smores”?
        No need for your own recipe for Marshmallows, Marshmallow roasting sticks, smores skewers or your own campfire pit. These are ready to eat smores at home and taste just like a campfire s’more!
        For Your Toasted Experience, we want to make sure this toasted marshmallow comes through in every bite without smores sticks for fire pit. How can you have an Authentic Marshmallow S’more without a Perfectly Toasted Marshmallow?

    Well this is all for now but don't be too far away since I'm going to be sharing more soon. 😏
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