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Halloween, Autumn or Both

Good evening
I haven't shared lately and it's time to get back here!
I've been busy working with a no-kill animal shelter and loving it.
I hope things are going well for everyone. 

I really enjoy autumn and this is the first year I've also embracing decorating for Halloween and getting into it a bit more than for a long time.
Of course I love autumn, all the leaves changing and piles to jump in once their raked up, hot cocoa, bon fires, wearing my favorite warm sweat shirts again and lots more. I put out my handcrafted wood pumpkins, a scarecrow in the window, carve out little pumpkins to put tea lights in, light candles scented in autumn fragrances and more.

I was thinking earlier that it would be good to know if you enjoy autumn, do you decorate for it and also Halloween--is this a festivity you get into, decorate for and do all the costumes & candy giving.

I grew up like what I assume most kids did. I was excited for Halloween. I remember it was always cold and I was never warm enough walking house to house. It was worth it to get the treats we normally wouldn't have.

We were really poor when I was growing up and we didn't always get masks or costumes. Actually seldom did we have these.
It didn't matter to us. Halloween was something fun to look forward to and a nice reprieve from our not so pleasant life.
And candy...oh my it was a treat! Of course later on all that sugar did a number on my teeth leading to lots of dental visits to a not very nice dentist.That's another story lol
As an adult steeped in religious beliefs I didn't partake in any Halloween activities, it was a sin and of satan. As the years have gone on I've had mixed feelings although I'm still a believer. This is the first year I have decided I don't patty cake with evil and I'm going to indulge a bit with the festivities.

So I've shared my take on Autumn and Halloween. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Send me a message at, visit Home at Hearth's facebook page at or comment here. I look forward to hearing your take.

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