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Have a Spooktacular Night

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Afternoon with Fur Friends

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Good afternoon!
How's your afternoon going?
Can hardly believe tomorrow we

begin a new month.
I'm hanging out with my dogs and 
cats this afternoon while I work.
I discovered something alarming I 

feel like I need to share with all
cat owners. If you have feline 
furry babies do take a few minutes
and read the following:

The title of the article, 

Kidney Failure In Senior Cats Is Widespread; Could Cat Food Be The Cause?

Recently, there have been countless recalls on pet food. It causes concern for pet parents and makes one question what is really in the food we are feeding our fur children.
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) may be the most common ailment of senior cats, according to Cornell Feline Health Center. As cats age, their kidneys stop working as well as they did when they were younger. Kidneys play an important role in purifying the blood and urine to keep the body healthy. The cat food you are feeding could be damaging the kidneys because of one excess ingredient.

recent study done by LMU veterinarians found that one ingredient, excess phosphorus, could be the culprit of deteriorating kidney function in cats. The study was performed by Professor Ellen Kienzle and Dr. Britta Dobenecker of the Chair of Animal Nutrition at LMU.
Excess phosphorus in the diet contributes to a higher percentage of chronic kidney disease in senior cats. The study found that phosphorous levels common in most cat foods could be causing long-term damage to kidney function. Some food contained several times the amount of phosphorus recommended for a healthy cat. People think that these levels are okay, but they are not.
“The maximum level detected in these tests (nearly nine times the required amount) might be sufficient to damage the healthy feline kidney within a few weeks. The phosphates in animal foods are in part derived from natural sources, mainly bone and cereals. However, pet-food manufacturers also add inorganic phosphates to achieve the appropriate texture and extend shelf life,” reports Kienzle.

Phosphorus is a necessary mineral that is required in the diet, but only in the right amounts. AAFCOrecommends a healthy cat diet has 0.5% phosphorus on a dry matter analysis basis. Phosphorus is regulated in the kidneys, but when the amount is over five times the recommended amount, it makes the kidneys work harder.
LMU veterinarians are planning on extending their study to test the source of phosphorus and how that effects the kidneys. They are also going to study the effects phosphorus has on dogs.
If you are concerned that your cat is in the early stages of CKD, take a look at the symptoms below and contact your vet.


– increased water intake
– dehydration
– diluted and excessive urination
– susceptibility to bladder infection
– feel ill and appear lethargic
– weight loss
– vomiting
– elevated blood pressure
These symptoms have gradual onset and can be managed. However, the earlier CKD is detected and treated, the higher the rate of survival and quality of life.


A vet will perform blood work and a urinalysis to detect how well the kidneys are functioning. The results will show how well the kidneys are filtering or regulating waste products. An ultrasound and blood pressure test may be performed as well to make a diagnosis.
If you are told that your cat has CKD, there is hope.


Unfortunately, there is not a cure for CKD, but there are things you can do to improve the quality of life and possibly prolong life. A diet change is proven to help. Cornell states, “Studies suggest that therapeutic diets that are restricted in protein, phosphorus, and sodium content and high in water-soluble vitamins, fiber, and antioxidant concentrations may prolong life and improve quality of life in cats with CKD.”
Fresh water needs to be available at all times to encourage your cat to drink. Cats get most of their water from their food and will not drink regularly like a dog. Your cat may become dehydrated because of the increase in urination. Cats are not big drinkers, so you may have to resort to subcutaneous fluid administration. This is becoming a common avenue CKD cat parents are having to take, so vets are teaching them to do it at home.
There are some prescription medicine and supplements that have helped rid the body of built up toxins. Together these options have made the quality of life better for cats. But the problem may have started with food, so be sure that you look at the amount of phosphorus in your pet food. If you are concerned, contact your vet.

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Beautiful Sunday for National Chocolate Day

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 It's going to be a beautiful autumn day. 
And it's 'National Chocolate Day' too! 
Two wins in one day Whoo Hoo!
I've picked a couple favorites below and will be sharing more this week!
Have a look and if these are your favorites have at ordering some tasty treats.
Have a favorite you'd like to see, Let Me know in the comments and I'll see what I can do!

 These premium milk chocolate balls come in green, black, orange and purple. You will get 1 lb of delicious milk chocolate to delight your taste buds!
Yours for $10.29 with free shipping

Two Tone Chocolate Leaves (Dairy Free)
Dark and White Chocolate to melt in your mouth.
18 pieces of scrumptious chocolate are yours for 
$10.99 with free shipping 
Purchase Here:

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Congratulations to the 'Fan of The Week'

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Autumn with Way Out West

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Happy Friday!
Friday brings Autumn with the Way Out West! I mentioned earlier yesterday I had some goodies to share and these are some of the delightful treats I want to share with more to come. I was a bit delayed in sharing but here we are 👋

Way Out West Spicy Pumpkin & Sangria Jar Candles. A set of 2-8 oz Mason Jar Candles- Fragrant, Long Lasting Soy Wax Blend Scented Candles - Way Out West Spicy Pumpkin & Sangria Jar Candles. A set of 2-8 oz Mason Jar Candles- Fragrant, Long Lasting Soy Wax Blend Scented Candles - Delightful Cranberry Orange, Spices, Sangria & Delcious Pumpkin Like Grandma's Kitchen! Buring 40+ hours they will become your Autumn favorites!

Yours for $29.99
Autumn Scented Candles

  • AMAZING FRAGRANCED CANDLES that will make your space a special place.
  • ***SPICY PUMPKIN***- a wonderful holiday scent candle of chai spiced pumpkin including cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger. 
  • ****SASSY SANGRIA****- a delicious cranberry orange candle with notes of luscious spices and red sangria. You’ll love the smells, we guarantee it!
  • MADE IN AMERICA in small batches using premium, high quality fragrances and a wonderful soy wax blend for superior long lasting candle performance, and cotton core, lead-free wicks.
  • BEAUTIFULLY PACKAGED candle gift which are shipped in a cute, sturdy box for safe arrival and ready to enjoy or give as a special present to someone. Don’t miss out on making yourself or someone you know happy!
  • SMOKE FREE EXTINGUISHING with the included bonus wick dipper to keep that wonderful scent lingering in the air. It can be used with most other container candles including Yankee candles, Root, Colonial, Aspen Bay Volcano candles, Bath & Body Works & Nest.
Spicy Pumpkin and Sangria Candles

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Happy Thursday

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Happy Thursday!
I hope you have the best day!
I'm a bit late sharing this but it's not too late.
I'm choosing a fan of the week to be announced Saturday 
if you'd like to get in on it 🙂
Check out the post below or visit the page here Home at Hearth
See ya soon!

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What a Way to Top Off the Day

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Good evening. It's been such a nice day here with sunshine and a pleasant breeze with nice temps. It always cools off at night so wonderful to be cozy by the fire. What are you doing tonight?

#Evening #RoaringFire #BeingCozy
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Good afternoon. How's your day going so far? I hope it's going well! Beginning next week I've decided to start 'Fan of the Week' on. Every Friday I will pick a 'Fan of the Week'. You never know in time I might add some nice surprises for our 'Fan of the Week' too. I'll be sharing more on this soon so be sure to visit Home at Hearth's Facebook page and keep your eyes open for it! -Cindy- 

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Let Your Candle Burn Bright

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Good Morning and a Happy Friday to you!
Friday sure came fast for me this week. No complaints here 😁 Have the best day and let your candle burn bright.

#Friday #Morning #candleBurning
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Get to Know Your Customers Day

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I remember when....
I remember when main street businesses were locally owned and operated. Owners knew your name and your shopping habits. Owners typically knew what you wanted to buy and if they didn't have what you wanted they would get it for you.
Granted there are many still locally owned and operated with very conscientous owners who do indeed know their customers.

The Internet and Big Box Stores
With the Internet and Big Box Stores sadly attentative customer care has fallen by the wayside.

Get to Know Your Customer Day
Get to Know Your Customer Day is my heartfelt effort to turn this around and reaffirm my commitment to you and have hopes to get to know you better. I hope you don't perceive this as being cheesy, rather an effort to let your know your most important. Without you and the value you bring to Home at Hearth it's all in vain. 

Whether Home Decor, DIY, Survival Preparedness, Candles, Articles of Interest...
I am commited to serving you by getting to know you, your interests, what products you are looking for and hearing your thoughts on various subjects. 

I've Said All this to Say...
Your important and I'd like to hear from you. Feel free to share and connect with me!

Feel free to Connect and Share

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Halloween, Autumn or Both

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Good evening
I haven't shared lately and it's time to get back here!
I've been busy working with a no-kill animal shelter and loving it.
I hope things are going well for everyone. 

I really enjoy autumn and this is the first year I've also embracing decorating for Halloween and getting into it a bit more than for a long time.
Of course I love autumn, all the leaves changing and piles to jump in once their raked up, hot cocoa, bon fires, wearing my favorite warm sweat shirts again and lots more. I put out my handcrafted wood pumpkins, a scarecrow in the window, carve out little pumpkins to put tea lights in, light candles scented in autumn fragrances and more.

I was thinking earlier that it would be good to know if you enjoy autumn, do you decorate for it and also Halloween--is this a festivity you get into, decorate for and do all the costumes & candy giving.

I grew up like what I assume most kids did. I was excited for Halloween. I remember it was always cold and I was never warm enough walking house to house. It was worth it to get the treats we normally wouldn't have.

We were really poor when I was growing up and we didn't always get masks or costumes. Actually seldom did we have these.
It didn't matter to us. Halloween was something fun to look forward to and a nice reprieve from our not so pleasant life.
And candy...oh my it was a treat! Of course later on all that sugar did a number on my teeth leading to lots of dental visits to a not very nice dentist.That's another story lol
As an adult steeped in religious beliefs I didn't partake in any Halloween activities, it was a sin and of satan. As the years have gone on I've had mixed feelings although I'm still a believer. This is the first year I have decided I don't patty cake with evil and I'm going to indulge a bit with the festivities.

So I've shared my take on Autumn and Halloween. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Send me a message at, visit Home at Hearth's facebook page at or comment here. I look forward to hearing your take.

If you have a friend you think might be interested be sure to pass the link along by copying and pasting the link in the browser and passing it on. 

Sign Up for Home at Hearth's Updates
Oh wait! Don't forget to click the image below and sign up for my email updates!


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Happy October

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We've welcomed in autumn and now we welcome October.
Cooler weather is coming ( or for us it continues), leaves are going to change colors & fall, We'll rake those leaves up and jump in the piles like little kids, we have bon fires, roast marshmellows, have hayrides, dress in warm sweaters and snuggle under warm blankets. If you haven't enjoyed October in the past, maybe it's time for new memories!

#autumn #October #CoolWeather #WarmBlankets #RoastingMarshmellows #Hayrides #ColoredLeaves #BonFires #Sweaters #Memories

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