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4 Professionals You Should Keep In Your Back Pocket

4 Professionals You Should Keep In Your Back Pocket
By Christine H.
As we grow from adolescence to adulthood, we learn to do more and more things for ourselves. We grow to cook for ourselves, manage our own finances, and set appointments necessary in order to conduct the business of modern living. We learn how to do our own shopping, take care of our own taxes, and take care of our health.

However, there comes a new phase in adulthood when we start learning how to not do everything ourselves. Although at first it just seems like extra expense, eventually we see that utilizing the expertise of professionals to our advantage is necessary to build a stable adult life. Have you ever noticed that the most prosperous people that you know utilize go-to professionals in daily life in order to serve their interests? Well, in order to get to that next level of adulting, you need to establish connections with people who know more than you do about finances, health, and other important aspects of life.

Here are 4 professionals that every adult should have in their back pocket, ready to call on when they need help.

1: Accountant

When you first started doing taxes, you probably took care of it all by yourself, utilizing some online service like TurboTax. However, as your financial situation gets more complex, incorporating things like dependents, home ownership, retirement savings and investment portfolios can all get confusing. Although hiring a professional accountant to take care of your taxes might seem like an unnecessary expense, when you see what they can save you using deductions credits, you’ll find that hiring a good accountant usually pays for itself.

Accessing a professional for financial help will probably range beyond taxes. The right professional can also help advise you for long-term financial planning, set up a business, manage investments, and take care of any bookkeeping needed. It’s important to do your research, and find the right person for you. Accountants, financial planners, and CPAs all have overlapping duties and qualifications. You can learn more about what they each do here.

2: Primary Physician

Odds are good that you didn’t bother much with doctors during your 20’s. It takes a little while to transition from going to the doctor because your mother makes you, to going because you are taking responsibility for your own health. However, even when we start to take better care of our health through regular checkups, we might still be sporadic in which health professional we go to, opting for InstaCare clinics and whoever is convenient. However, it’s important to have a good relationship with a primary physician. They can help you understand changes in your health and adapt to new challenges. They can refer you to specialists as you need them, so that you’re actually getting effective, comprehensive care, instead of falling through the cracks of the medical system. Find someone that you trust and like, and set them up as your primary physician officially.

3: Handyman

If you’re a homeowner, you’ve learned that it’s more work than it seems it would be. The constant barrage of entropy works against you, and every season, there’s something else that needs to be fixed or updated. Although it’s tempting to postpone home repairs and updates, it can adversely affect the value of your home, forcing you to sell it as a fixer-upper when the time comes and lose a portion of your investment. And as proactive as your plans on the “honey-do” list are, they’re useless if you never have the chance to get around to them.

That’s why it’s important to know a handyman. Someone you can call when you don’t have time to take care of it yourself; someone who knows the ins and outs enough to give you a high-quality, efficient fix in one go-around. It can also be useful to have just one number you can call when something dysfunctions in your home, instead of having a huge rolodex of plumbers, garage repairmen, gardeners, electricians, etc. While there are some issues that you can probably care for yourself (like, perhaps, lawn maintenance, or screwing a cupboard door back in place) there are others that can be dangerous when handled by an amateur, as you can learn more about here.

4: Lawyer

It might seem strange to have a lawyer just as a matter of course. Shouldn’t you only need to call on a lawyer if--God forbid--you get sued or something else happens that gets you ensnared in a lawsuit? No. The truth is that there are many situations in which you’ll need qualified legal advice (better than what you’ll get from a basic Google search) for your specific situation. You might want a lawyer to help you with setting up your will, putting provisions in place to protect your family, guarding liability on a business, or to call in case of a dispute with a tenant on a rental property. Lawyers can help you file the proper paperwork when needed so that you can prevent legal issues down the road.

A Note on Relationships

With each of these go-to professionals, it’s important to understand that you’re not just hiring a convenient budget option. You want someone that you can build a relationship with, and someone that you can implicitly trust to do a great job. Oftentimes, the best professionals will charge higher rates per hour, but they can get more done in that hour than a beginner can in 4. Additionally, when you have a long-standing relationship with someone, they can be more effective because they already understand your full case. They can spot problems and adjust to new situations faster because of the history that you have together.

Today's guest post is from Christine Hill
Christine Hill Bio
Christine is a professional writer and an avid reader who’s passionate about storytelling in any form. At any given moment, she’s in the middle of at least three books on anything from psychology to ninjas. Although she’s a marathon swimmer and enjoys camping in the mountains, she believes there’s nothing better than a carton of ice cream and a Dawson’s Creek marathon. She blogs about marketing here. Follow more of her writing on Twitter @readwritechill.

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