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Today is the Day: Clear the Shelters

Today is Nationwide #CleartheShelters Day
Rusty and Dusty want to ask you to 
PLEASE do your part to help clear shelters and find animals homes!
Can you #adopt, #rescue, #foster an animal?
If you can't take an animal in please #Share

So many animals are surrendered to shelters and if not taken in by someone their put down.
Healthy, loveable dogs & cats, some who have never known anything but abuse and abandon.
These animals need loving #ForeverHomes
Let's do our part to end animals abandoned in shelters!
And please don't take your animal to a shelter if you can't keep it. Find your pet a new home or someone to help you re-home them!
Find a local shelter in your area with lots of animals in need at the link below.

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