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The Year I Almost Died:MRSA Pt 1

I have been wanting to share about the year of hell when I almost died for sometime. Now is the time!
Not a pleasant topic but I believe you or someone you know needs to read and hear it!
This will be a little longer share than most but bear with me or come back and finish reading later!

I've been sharing Marjory's video series on making your own medicine. 
I wish I'd known her when I was so sick several years ago.
Everything I learned was trial and error and searching for answers. Also a few friends shared things that helped as well.
I'm thankful for what I learned, I survived and live to share my story. 

Medicine has come a long way in treating MRSA yet it leaves one wanting not to mention the price tag!

I have no clue how I contracted MRSA. I'm not sure if it was the flooding 10 years back when I was cleaning the water out of the basement (sewer water and all) or from a friend who was hospitalized with cancer, had MRSA and later died from it because the medical community couldn't seem to diagnose his staph infection. 
Regardless I got it!

What did I do?
Well I got real sick. Drs didn't seem to have a clue and nobody was doing anything. So, at first I slept a lot. 
Then I broke out everywhere and the pain was excruciating. Not only was I so exhausted I could barely get up, I hurt so bad.
Nothing took the pain away. It was a pain from the inside out I couldn't make go away!
I tried every remedy I could find including novacaine and burn treatments.
I got some minor relief from somethings but very little.

A friend in a group I belong to told me about Oreganol P73 and I promptly got my hands on it.
At that time it wasn't in pill form so I got the liquid.
Oh it was nasty orally so I put in in juice with half and half.
I put in directly on any break outs and it killed the pain by about 85%.
I later discovered Oreganol P73 built up my immune system and helped with a common cold, flu and other ailments. A lot of times I didn't get what everyone around me had such as a cold and if I did it was such a short duration. 

Oreganol P73 is created by North American Herb & Spice and normally I purchase the gel caps.
The gel caps come 60 to a bottle and I am offering them at $35 a bottle.
I take 2 caps daily and if I'm getting sick I take up to 2 up to 4 times a day.
When I was in the grips of MRSA and desperate I took tons more. I never died from doing so although my system didn't like it much. Hey, I was desperate to live and not die!

There are times I want the liquid.

Oreganol Oil comes in a bottle 0.45 fl oz
and I offer it for $27
Oreganol P73 liquid
I suggest if using it by mouth dilute in juice.
Oreganol isn't real exciting to drink plain!
I have used it as I said on any MRSA break outs I had putting it directly on each wound.
If your skin is super sensitive, I suggest perhaps diluting in a carrier oil such as olive oil.
By the time I found out about Oreganol P73 I could handle putting anything on my break outs without flinching but that was me.
One amazing benefit of the Oreganol P73 is my break outs were healing up more than they had been from the onset.
Granted they didn't go away yet but a far cry from the sleepless and painful nights I had been experiencing. 

 Oh my gosh FDA hates it when someone says a product not controlled by them heals or makes some physical malady better.
They even sued the makers of Oreganol P73 for saying it did. North American Herb & Spice only was honest from the testimonies. So don't really think it's fair but it's FDA for ya!
Now I kind of started this without telling you more about what MRSA is so in my next post I'll share more on that and also another clincher in my overcoming MRSA and it's many other uses for>>Collaidal Silver!
Stay tuned!

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