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Take A Peek Into This Medical Kit

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and the best Sunday to you!
If you haven’t already signed up for that free 4-part video series by Marjory Wildcraft, I suggest you head over there right now.  Today is the last video and Marjory shows you what is inside of her medical kit.
It’s an awesome chance to get to see what an experienced Medicine Woman has created. 
As Marjory says, the secret to learning about herbs and homemade medicines, is to start using them. 
Yes, just start with small problems, like coughs, fevers, cuts, or burns.  
And Marjory shows you all the things that come in the “Making Medicine Kit.” She has created.  Marjory assembled this kit with an amazing team of herbalists, naturopaths, and healers.
The kit is designed to be the fastest way to get you making your own medicine and knowing how to use it. 
The kit takes you step-by-step through the process of making all 8 of the preparations that every Medicine Woman and Medicine Man knows.
And it is designed to give you the confidence and medicine to treat at least a dozen ailments that commonly come up in everyday life. 
Marjory is closing these videos down in a few days (she only has limited supplies of the kits, as they are made by hand, from ingredients sourced from organic and/or sustainability-oriented farmers), so go check it out now. 
To your health,
P.S. Be sure to download those free bonuses that came with videos 1 and 2. And check out the bonuses that are included with the Making Medicine Kit!

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