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Monday Celebrations Winding Down

Good evening. 
I'm winding up the day with one more goodie in celebration of 100 Likes on Home at Hearth's Facebook page

I'm sharing this Artwork Candle from Goose Creek Candles in Carrot Cake.
I'm an affiliate for Goose Creek and they have some mouth watering scents and these are especially beautiful too!
This beauty retails at $29 and tonight you can get yours for $16.50

A true to life deliciously spicy, carrot cake. No special occasion needed to indulge.
Has two lead free wicks and burns aprox. burns 150 hours. 24 oz candle
Prominent scent notes:

Top : Carrot Cake, Cream Cheese

Mid : Warm Vanilla Bean

Base : Walnuts, Autumn Spices

Order one or as many as you like at this ridiculous but wonderful price! And no shipping 😊
Carrot Cake Candle

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