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How A Stupid Mistake Didn’t Cost $7000

If you got bitten by a poisonous snake, what would be your first reaction?
Call an ambulance?
Drive like a maniac to the nearest hospital?
Pass out?
Well, my friend Marjory Wildcraft was picking some tomatoes in her garden and she got bitten.  And not just a little bite – but a big dose of venom from a copperhead snake. 
But Marjory did not call an ambulance, drive to the nearest hospital, or even pass out. 
She and her family treated the whole thing at home, in her living room.
Marjory tells the amazing story in the free 4-part workshop that she is hosting. 
The purpose of the series is to begin your transformation from relying on drugstores and doctors to becoming your own Medicine Woman or Medicine Man. 
And in today video Marjory tells you the whole story. 
But the biggest surprise (and the most touching part) is what Marjory’s husband told her three weeks afterwards….


I don’t want you to think you can treat such a dangerous situation at home as a beginner.  But it is a great example to show you what you can achieve over time in your journey as a Medicine Woman or Medicine Man. 
It is an amazing, empowering journey, that I sincerely hope you take.
As you journey into home medicine you become more and more valuable over time as your confidence and skills develop.  And as you age, you become more and more valuable to yourself, your family, and your community. 
Marjory also shows you the three specific steps to getting started. 

PS:  Did you download the two free bonuses?  The first is a report on how to use Garlic as your first home medicine (it’s an amazing anti-biotic) and the second is a quick guide on the 8 preparations that all home medicine makers know how to make.  If you haven’t gotten those bonuses yet, click here and download the bonuses – they are below videos 1 and 2. 
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