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8 Medicines You Should Know How To Make At Home

Grow Network Day 2

You don’t need pharmaceutical companies to have good medicine. 
You don’t need drugstores to treat common ailments.
My friend, Marjory Wildcraft has a free 4-part video series designed to help you become a Medicine Women or Medicine Men.
In the second video of the series, Marjory shows you the 8 different ways to prepare home medicines that every Medicine Man or Woman knows. 
And the best part?
All these 8 techniques are simple and easy to do with tools you already have in your kitchen. 
Marjory covers the basics of using fresh herbs, making pills, decoctions, infusions, tinctures, salves, liniments, poultices, and more. 
And, she talks about why and when these preparations are used (and when you probably shouldn’t use them). 

Marjory also has a free downloadable chart that accompanies the video that reviews all the 8 home medicines.  You can pick that up while watching the video by clicking HERE and registering.

Did you pick up the bonus e-Book, “Garlic: Your First Home Medicine,” that came with the first video?  That is a super good resource to have in your library, and to start using right away.  Get your copy of the “Garlic; Your First Home Medicine” report and the “8 Home Medicine Preparations” chart.  Be sure to grab them both!

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