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Have a Most Wonderful Wednesday

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Good Morning. I hope you have the most wonderful Wednesday!

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The Year I Almost Died:MRSA Pt 1

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I have been wanting to share about the year of hell when I almost died for sometime. Now is the time!
Not a pleasant topic but I believe you or someone you know needs to read and hear it!
This will be a little longer share than most but bear with me or come back and finish reading later!

I've been sharing Marjory's video series on making your own medicine. 
I wish I'd known her when I was so sick several years ago.
Everything I learned was trial and error and searching for answers. Also a few friends shared things that helped as well.
I'm thankful for what I learned, I survived and live to share my story. 

Medicine has come a long way in treating MRSA yet it leaves one wanting not to mention the price tag!

I have no clue how I contracted MRSA. I'm not sure if it was the flooding 10 years back when I was cleaning the water out of the basement (sewer water and all) or from a friend who was hospitalized with cancer, had MRSA and later died from it because the medical community couldn't seem to diagnose his staph infection. 
Regardless I got it!

What did I do?
Well I got real sick. Drs didn't seem to have a clue and nobody was doing anything. So, at first I slept a lot. 
Then I broke out everywhere and the pain was excruciating. Not only was I so exhausted I could barely get up, I hurt so bad.
Nothing took the pain away. It was a pain from the inside out I couldn't make go away!
I tried every remedy I could find including novacaine and burn treatments.
I got some minor relief from somethings but very little.

A friend in a group I belong to told me about Oreganol P73 and I promptly got my hands on it.
At that time it wasn't in pill form so I got the liquid.
Oh it was nasty orally so I put in in juice with half and half.
I put in directly on any break outs and it killed the pain by about 85%.
I later discovered Oreganol P73 built up my immune system and helped with a common cold, flu and other ailments. A lot of times I didn't get what everyone around me had such as a cold and if I did it was such a short duration. 

Oreganol P73 is created by North American Herb & Spice and normally I purchase the gel caps.
The gel caps come 60 to a bottle and I am offering them at $35 a bottle.
I take 2 caps daily and if I'm getting sick I take up to 2 up to 4 times a day.
When I was in the grips of MRSA and desperate I took tons more. I never died from doing so although my system didn't like it much. Hey, I was desperate to live and not die!

There are times I want the liquid.

Oreganol Oil comes in a bottle 0.45 fl oz
and I offer it for $27
Oreganol P73 liquid
I suggest if using it by mouth dilute in juice.
Oreganol isn't real exciting to drink plain!
I have used it as I said on any MRSA break outs I had putting it directly on each wound.
If your skin is super sensitive, I suggest perhaps diluting in a carrier oil such as olive oil.
By the time I found out about Oreganol P73 I could handle putting anything on my break outs without flinching but that was me.
One amazing benefit of the Oreganol P73 is my break outs were healing up more than they had been from the onset.
Granted they didn't go away yet but a far cry from the sleepless and painful nights I had been experiencing. 

 Oh my gosh FDA hates it when someone says a product not controlled by them heals or makes some physical malady better.
They even sued the makers of Oreganol P73 for saying it did. North American Herb & Spice only was honest from the testimonies. So don't really think it's fair but it's FDA for ya!
Now I kind of started this without telling you more about what MRSA is so in my next post I'll share more on that and also another clincher in my overcoming MRSA and it's many other uses for>>Collaidal Silver!
Stay tuned!

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What's Your Type?

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Are You a Combination type person?
I want to introduce to you the Forever's new Sonya Daily Skincare system. There are 3 skin types, dry, oil and combination. Combination skin type can be sometimes dry, sometimes oily and sometimes neither. The Sonya Daily Skincare System is made specifically for those of us with 'Combination Skin types'. I wanted to share a most helpful video above. When your done watching be sure to come learn more at the link below!
#CombinationSkin #Forever #Sonya
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Afternoon's Are Good For Chilling Out

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Good afternoon
I've been away a bit due to being a bit under the weather. Glad to be back and catching up. 
I've been working real hard to get some things ready to share with you.
There is nothing more enjoyable to me than sharing my passion and what I love doing.
What do you do that your really passionate about?
Are you a stay at home mom, have your own business, live offgrid or work a job you love?
Feel free to share. I'd enjoy knowing more about you!
Since I've had a busy day I'm taking some time to grab a cup of java, feed the dogs and then get back to you in awhile.
Talk soon.

#Afternoon #ChillingOut #Passions
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Offgrid and Thriving

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A great Monday to everyone. I hope your letting go and getting free. 
Some of us live in the city, dream and plan to get out of it and some just wanna stay to see the SHTF. How about you?
I'd like to invite you to my new group 'Thrive Don't Just Survive'
Living prepared and simple can have lots of great fun too. All work and no play is boring.

#offgrid #simpleLiving #Thriving
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Take A Peek Into This Medical Kit

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πŸŒ…Good MorningπŸŒ…
and the best Sunday to you!
If you haven’t already signed up for that free 4-part video series by Marjory Wildcraft, I suggest you head over there right now.  Today is the last video and Marjory shows you what is inside of her medical kit.
It’s an awesome chance to get to see what an experienced Medicine Woman has created. 
As Marjory says, the secret to learning about herbs and homemade medicines, is to start using them. 
Yes, just start with small problems, like coughs, fevers, cuts, or burns.  
And Marjory shows you all the things that come in the “Making Medicine Kit.” She has created.  Marjory assembled this kit with an amazing team of herbalists, naturopaths, and healers.
The kit is designed to be the fastest way to get you making your own medicine and knowing how to use it. 
The kit takes you step-by-step through the process of making all 8 of the preparations that every Medicine Woman and Medicine Man knows.
And it is designed to give you the confidence and medicine to treat at least a dozen ailments that commonly come up in everyday life. 
Marjory is closing these videos down in a few days (she only has limited supplies of the kits, as they are made by hand, from ingredients sourced from organic and/or sustainability-oriented farmers), so go check it out now. 
To your health,
P.S. Be sure to download those free bonuses that came with videos 1 and 2. And check out the bonuses that are included with the Making Medicine Kit!

 #Sunday #MakeYourOwnMedicine #BigPharma 
​​​​​​​ #Medicine Kit #organic #sustainable #4PartVideoSeries #Preparedness #survival 
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Today is the Day: Clear the Shelters

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Today is Nationwide #CleartheShelters Day
Rusty and Dusty want to ask you to 
PLEASE do your part to help clear shelters and find animals homes!
Can you #adopt, #rescue, #foster an animal?
If you can't take an animal in please #Share

So many animals are surrendered to shelters and if not taken in by someone their put down.
Healthy, loveable dogs & cats, some who have never known anything but abuse and abandon.
These animals need loving #ForeverHomes
Let's do our part to end animals abandoned in shelters!
And please don't take your animal to a shelter if you can't keep it. Find your pet a new home or someone to help you re-home them!
Find a local shelter in your area with lots of animals in need at the link below.
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Thank God It's Friday

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Good Morning!
Thank God it's Friday!
I'm thankful for another day!
Enjoy your day!

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How A Stupid Mistake Didn’t Cost $7000

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If you got bitten by a poisonous snake, what would be your first reaction?
Call an ambulance?
Drive like a maniac to the nearest hospital?
Pass out?
Well, my friend Marjory Wildcraft was picking some tomatoes in her garden and she got bitten.  And not just a little bite – but a big dose of venom from a copperhead snake. 
But Marjory did not call an ambulance, drive to the nearest hospital, or even pass out. 
She and her family treated the whole thing at home, in her living room.
Marjory tells the amazing story in the free 4-part workshop that she is hosting. 
The purpose of the series is to begin your transformation from relying on drugstores and doctors to becoming your own Medicine Woman or Medicine Man. 
And in today video Marjory tells you the whole story. 
But the biggest surprise (and the most touching part) is what Marjory’s husband told her three weeks afterwards….


I don’t want you to think you can treat such a dangerous situation at home as a beginner.  But it is a great example to show you what you can achieve over time in your journey as a Medicine Woman or Medicine Man. 
It is an amazing, empowering journey, that I sincerely hope you take.
As you journey into home medicine you become more and more valuable over time as your confidence and skills develop.  And as you age, you become more and more valuable to yourself, your family, and your community. 
Marjory also shows you the three specific steps to getting started. 

PS:  Did you download the two free bonuses?  The first is a report on how to use Garlic as your first home medicine (it’s an amazing anti-biotic) and the second is a quick guide on the 8 preparations that all home medicine makers know how to make.  If you haven’t gotten those bonuses yet, click here and download the bonuses – they are below videos 1 and 2. 
#HerbalMedicine #UsingGarlic #anti-biotic #amazing #empowering
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No Chewing the Cud Here

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Good Morning!
Go have a fantastic Thursday 
and stampede all the obstacles 
that come your way!
#Thursday #Morning
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Boost Your Intake in a Yummy Way

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Mediocre-No Way!

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Go have an amazing Wednesday!

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8 Medicines You Should Know How To Make At Home

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Grow Network Day 2

You don’t need pharmaceutical companies to have good medicine. 
You don’t need drugstores to treat common ailments.
My friend, Marjory Wildcraft has a free 4-part video series designed to help you become a Medicine Women or Medicine Men.
In the second video of the series, Marjory shows you the 8 different ways to prepare home medicines that every Medicine Man or Woman knows. 
And the best part?
All these 8 techniques are simple and easy to do with tools you already have in your kitchen. 
Marjory covers the basics of using fresh herbs, making pills, decoctions, infusions, tinctures, salves, liniments, poultices, and more. 
And, she talks about why and when these preparations are used (and when you probably shouldn’t use them). 

Marjory also has a free downloadable chart that accompanies the video that reviews all the 8 home medicines.  You can pick that up while watching the video by clicking HERE and registering.

Did you pick up the bonus e-Book, “Garlic: Your First Home Medicine,” that came with the first video?  That is a super good resource to have in your library, and to start using right away.  Get your copy of the “Garlic; Your First Home Medicine” report and the “8 Home Medicine Preparations” chart.  Be sure to grab them both!
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How To Avoid Being A Medical Mistake

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Are you frustrated with the medical system?
Do you believe it is too expensive and often does more harm than good?
Would you like to start taking your health into your own hands, like your grandparents and all your other ancestors did?
If so, I have great news!
My good friend, Marjory Wildcraft, is offering a free, 4-part video series to help you transform from relying on drugstores and doctors, to becoming your own Medicine Woman or Medicine Man.
Confidently Heal the 12 Most Common Ailments
The goal of this free series on home medicine is simple:
To start you on the path toward making your own medicine, so you can confidently heal the 12 most common ailments that any family deals with.
In the first video, Marjory discusses the 3 major reasons why you should AVOID the existing medical system(especially pay attention to the section where she talks about the problems with medical mistakes – that’s scary…). 
Marjory will also show you how to take the first steps toward becoming your own Medicine Woman or Medicine Man, including:
•  Of all the different methods of home medicine, which one you should focus on first
•  How to make sure your own medicine is always available, no matter what the situation (including grid-down, worst-case scenarios when most medicines will disappear)
•  The system of home medicine that’s SO EFFECTIVE it has withstood the test of time (more than 5,000 years!)
And that’s just Part 1!
FREE Series Available for Only a Few Days
Every 1 of the 4 videos are PACKED with useful, life-changing, empowering wisdom.
But you do have to act now, because this series is only available for a few days!
Watch it all here. I think you’ll be glad you did.

PS:  Oh! Be sure to look just under the first video where Marjory has a free eBook for you to download on “Garlic: Your First Home Medicine” where she shows you how to start using this powerful kitchen remedy to treat ear infections, colds & flus, and boost your immune system.  The eBook overs the science behind why garlic works so effectively and the 7 mistakes to avoid when using garlic.  Click here to register for this free event and get your copy of the eBook on using garlic.
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Have a Peaceful Monday

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Have a peaceful Monday

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πŸ’Have a Beautiful and Relaxing SundayπŸ’

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Have a beautiful and relaxing Sunday today!
I've been reminded to not carry on as usual 
and take time out to be refreshed and restored! Thanks Mom Jonz πŸ’
#Sunday #BeRefreshed #BeRestored
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Introducing Valley Food Storage

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I don't know about you but in an emergency, disaster or when the SHTF, I want to know what I'm eating and want it to be quality food to sustain me and my family. And if one of my family is gluten or dairy intolerant I need all my bases covered.
So without further ado, I'd like to share more about Valley Food.

"We couldn’t find a food storage product that was good enough for our families, so we created our own.
Valley Food Storage was established in 2005- on the simple fact that there wasn’t a single food supply store that emphasized quality ingredients. We have a deep desire to bring the best quality food to you and your family as if your family was our own. Help us to bring the best-valued food to every home’s table."

Watch the video below and scroll down,click the image and learn more.

Valley Food Storage

#ValleyFoodStorage #FoodStorage #longTermStorage  #Prepper #Survival #Emergency 
#emergencySupplies #campingSupplies #Camping #Watersupplies #Foodkit #Foodkits #ValleyFood
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Have a fantastic Friday

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Have  a fantastic Friday
and plan something enjoyable for your weekend.

#Friday #Weekend
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Horse Lovers Love It

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Aloe First Spray is a pH-balanced exclusive skin soothing formula and an outstanding way to help easily alleviate minor horse skin irritations, including sunburn, scrapes, and minor cuts. It also works as a fantastic moisturising spray after your horse has been out and about in the glorious sun!
#HorseProducts #ForeverLiving #AloeVera
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Inspo for Fast, Nutrious Meals

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Tuesday and Hummingbirds

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Good morning and a great Tuesday to everyone!
I am getting ready to make juice for the hummingbird feeders.
This is the first year the hummingbirds have been
drinking them dry.
I've even had some of the hummingbirds get within inches of me.
I'm sorry I haven't got a pictures of them. They are too darn fast lol
I don't purchase premade hummingbird juice since most contain dyes harmful to the birds.
I look forward to getting some pictures of these beautiful birds when I can.
#hummingbirds #Tuedsday
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Monday Celebrations Winding Down

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Good evening. 
I'm winding up the day with one more goodie in celebration of 100 Likes on Home at Hearth's Facebook page

I'm sharing this Artwork Candle from Goose Creek Candles in Carrot Cake.
I'm an affiliate for Goose Creek and they have some mouth watering scents and these are especially beautiful too!
This beauty retails at $29 and tonight you can get yours for $16.50

A true to life deliciously spicy, carrot cake. No special occasion needed to indulge.
Has two lead free wicks and burns aprox. burns 150 hours. 24 oz candle
Prominent scent notes:

Top : Carrot Cake, Cream Cheese

Mid : Warm Vanilla Bean

Base : Walnuts, Autumn Spices

Order one or as many as you like at this ridiculous but wonderful price! And no shipping 😊
Carrot Cake Candle

P.S. Don't forget to stop by and connect on Home at Hearth's facebook by clicking below:

#100Likes #HomeatHearth #CarrotCakeCandle #Artwork #FreeShipping 
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Monday Celebration Continues

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Good afternoon
I hope your afternoon is going fantastic!
I have another goodie to share in celebration of  reaching 100 Likes on Facebook!

I took a little time to mow the backyard and was thinking how important on these hot days in the sun that sunscreen is for protection.

Aloe Sunscreen provides just that! Combining modern science with natural ingredients, this effective sunscreen helps to soothe, lubricate, moisturize and protect the skin against sun damage. With an SPF of 30, Aloe Sunscreen blocks both UVA and UVB rays, while this silky, smooth lotion made with pure stabilized Aloe Vera Gel, rich moisturizers and humectants, maintains the skin’s natural moisture balance.

High SPF for more sun protection
Strong, water resistant formula which retains its SPF up to 40 minutes after water activity
Moisturizes skin to prolong your tan
Safe and gentle enough for children

For everyone that orders a tube of sunscreen today I'll be sending you a free Forever Aloe Lips.
There is nothing I dislike more than my lips being all dried out from the sun. Forever Aloe Lips is my go to protection!

Order your Forever Aloe Lips below and in a separate order you will be receiving the best lip protection around in my opinion. 
Aloe Sunscreen
P.S. Don't forget to join me on facebook if you haven't already at the link below

#Celebration #100Likes #Aloe #Sunscreen #ForeverAloeLips
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Celebration Monday

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Good afternoon and a fantastic Monday to everyone.
I'm celebrating 100 likes on Home at Hearth's facebook page. Whoo Hoo!
So in celebration I'm offering something quite sweet!
You know it's that time of year when it's hot out and
here in Iowa we love our cold, juicy watermelon.
It's also the time I make a few watermelon soaps!

In celebration of Home at Hearth's 100 likes, I'm offering these highly moisturizing watermelon soaps for $2.00 plus $2.00 S/H
I have made only of a limited quanity of these Triangle Watermelon Soaps so when their gone, their gone!
Believe me these are moisturizing and they won't let ya down like the store bought ones promising wonders!
If you should miss getting yours before their gone, I have a few other goodies I'll be sharing later.
Here's your link. Click the button below to get your Watermelon Soap!

Waternelon Triangle Soap
P.S. Don't forget to join Home at Hearth on facebook
by clicking here: Home at Hearth

#Celebration #WatermelonSoaps #100Likes #Facebook #JoinMe
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Whoo Hoo It's Friday!

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 Whoo Hoo, it's Friday!
We're flying into the weekend 😍
At least I am lol & hope your ready to enjoy your weekend.
I haven't had a lot of chance to share on the new home of Nichaholic and Graphics but wanted to give a shout out to Rebekah Radice and her awesome suggestions to make your business happen!  
Go ahead and look at her awesome & helpful infographic below and what she's sharing.
I hope you find it helpful!
Be sure to find her on twitter at the 
link below as well.

#smallbiz #RebekahRadice #twitter #NichaholicandGraphics #customers
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Shout Out to Peanut's Paws

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πŸ˜ƒ Happy Thursday πŸ˜ƒ

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πŸ˜ƒ Happy Thursday πŸ˜ƒ

Time to have another amazing day!
I could say nothing much happening here.
But wait every day is an adventure and amazing things and people to be a part of!

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Happy August

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Happy Wednesday and welcome to the 1st day of August!

If you missed the free workshop last night learning
about all the Sun Oven Basics you can watch the replay until Saturday Aug. 4!
If you choose to watch the replay you will learn:
  • How a SUN OVEN works.
  • What you can cook, what kind of pots & pans work best.
  • Why food cooked with the sun does not burn.
  • How much sunlight you need.
  • How to sun-bake a perfect loaf of bread.
  • Why a SUN OVEN is the most energy-efficient way to rehydrate your freeze-dried emergency preparedness foods.
  • How to use a SUN OVEN as a solar dryer or dehydrator.
  • The difference between boiling and pasteurizing drinking water.
  • How to cook your dinner in the sun while you are at work.
  • How to hard boil freshly laid eggs which are easy to peel.
  • Ways to use a SUN OVEN that have nothing to do with cooking.
  • The economic, health, and environmental benefits of cooking with the sun.
  • What we are doing around the world and why we do it.
  • How to quickly pay for a SUN OVEN by reducing your utility bills.
You can view the recorded replay and submit any questions you have.
(Your questions will be answered via email.)

Watch Now!

You'll be glad you did!

#Wednesday #August #SunOven #Replay

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