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Camping, Backpacking or Preparedness

The Wise Camping Favorites kit is ideal for camping trips, in an emergency or when you need a meal in a pinch. 
This kit contains 12 servings of entrees and 6 servings of breakfasts for a total of 5,260 calories. These easy to prepare meals 
can be cooked directly in the pouch and resealed for future use. 
Make sure to take one of these on your next outdoor adventure.

This kit will feed one person for 3 days providing 3 servings a day.
This is available right now for $55.00.

(Normally $59)
Camping Backpacking Preparedness Kit

What's Included in this kit?
1 pouch of Creamy Pasta with Chicken and Vegetables (2 total servings)
2 pouches of Apple Cinnamon Cereal (4 total servings)
1 pouch of Strawberry Granola Crunch (2 total servings)
1 pouch of Pasta Alfredo with Chicken (2 total servings)
1 pouch of Teriyaki Chicken and Rice (2 total servings)
1 pouch of Cheesy Lasagna (2 total servings)
1 pouch of Chili Mac can Beef (2 total servings)
1 pouch of Noodles & Beef in Mushroom Sauce (2 total servings)
Product Benefits
Great for hunting, camping and hiking
Simple to prepare, just add boiling water directly into pouch
All food comes in resealable pouches
Product Details
7 yr shelf life
Made in USA
Lightweight and packable

Entrées include meat
Below are pictures of foods included.
If you'd like to know more about 
nutritional facts for each, just let me know.

Camping Backpacking Preparedness Kit

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