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Where's That Summer Bod?

If your like me and 100's of others you want to look good for the summer.

I think emphasis on being healthy is more important than looking like a barbie doll. That's my take on being summer skinny!
In future posts I wil share some helpful info for those who would like to drop pounds outside of the million fad diets available.

But dang you love food and eating. After all one's got to have good nutrition right!

If we seem to gain a pound by thinking about food

it seems no fair. What's the answer!

What kinds of foods & snacks do you like?
I'm discovering with a little time and effort I can find & make some tasty foods & snacks I like that are healthy.

I believe there is a way if your vegan, Paleo or even diabetic.
Sometimes it takes a little tweaking of a recipe perhaps but who says eating healthy has to be boring!

I'd like to share by example some great recipes in coming days I believe you'll enjoy!

The recipe I want to share today is 
Grilled Basil Broccoli
from the lovely Gourmande.
This won't disappoint eaten alone or as a side with other foods. 


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