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Please Pay Attention to Me!

Good evening. I hope you haven't had a terribly bad hair day like this gal. lol

I found this picture on Wititudes and love it. 
My hair isn't normally this frizzy if I let it dry naturally
but it can sure be a mess if I don't take care of it. 

What do you do to take care of your hair?
I'm curious if you keep trying to find that just right

product for your hair. 

For me finding the right shampoo and conditioner
used to be as challenging as finding a soap
that was for real and not detergent.
(I won't get on my rant about the soap right now)

When you have super long hair like mine
it's important to have product that works.
Even if your hair is shorter than mine
you want it to be clean, soft and manageable, right!

I've discovered Forever Aloe Jojaba Shampoo
and Conditioner.
My hair and I have a love for it.
It's not just aloe and it's just not jojoba that makes these so nurturing.

Lavender Essential Oil

Forever's Lavender Essential Oil makes my hair shine
& makes my scalp feel so good too.

Plus such a nice soothing fragrance too.

Also I appreciate the natural, gentle sudsing of the aloe in the shampoo. 

Forever's Aloe Jojoba conditioner is a prize to me for it's moisture boosting properties from the jojoba, macadamia oil, lavender oil, and sunflower seed oil.
And no build up in my hair either!

Go for it! Take good care of you & your
hair this summer!
Click the red headed gal below and come see 
what all my raves about!

Redhead Girl

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