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Heat Relief

Oh my goodness it's hot here!
How's your afternoon going?
Are you experiencing super hot weather
or is yours moderate?

I have spent the last several days taking
baby steps to put the pool up with hope
of some heat relief.

Well today I pushed a little harder to 
finish setting it up to fill with water.
And yeah it's now filling!

As a result of pushing a bit hard my
back says ouch.

I came in before lunch, and put some
Forever Aloe Heat Lotion on my
back where I could reach and asked
my grandson to rub some where I couldn't.
Sat with the heating pad and feel
sooo much better. Yeah!
Now this is my kind of heat relief 
for the physical ouches!

What do you use for those ouches when 
you've pushed a little too hard, you have a lot of back pain normally or
something just doesn't feel right?

I'd like to encourage you to have a tube of Aloe Heat Lotion on hand for some relief.

Come learn more by clicking the image below.
Heat Lotion

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