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Are You In The Box or Out of The Box

Alike short film from Pepe School Land on Vimeo.

We all started out life with wonder and dreams of what we wanted in life when we grew up. As time goes on, we go to school and we're taught to stop being dreamers and to stop thinking out of the box. We were supposed to grow up, get a 9-5 jobs (even if we hate them), forgetting following our heart's desire to be free to dream and live as we would like. We're taught to do as we're told and as everyone around us does even if it means we're misearable. Our parents taught us what they were taught as well as society around us taught us not to break free or walk to the beat of a different drummer or we'd be weird or odd. Honestly some really don't mind a 9-5 job doing whatever they land in but others of us just can't give in on what's in our hearts and souls. We eat, sleep and breathe our dream to be free to manage our own time and live as we desire. We think outside the box and soon have to follow what's burning in us and forsake being miserable. This short little video makes clear what society does teach us, how it can affect us who want more and what it looks like when we're squelched. You can learn more here about the creation of this little video that captured my attention. This video is in no way sponsored by Forever Living. I stumbled across this wonderful treasure.
Forever Living has given me my life back and the opportunity to be more, all I dream of and thensome. 
If your one who isn't to be squelched, let me know and I would love to share more with you.



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