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πŸ›€ Swish Swash With These Homemade Wipes 🏑

I made this video before I changed my business name and found it yesterday. I realize I still make these wipes even though I don't have little ones anymore. They come in handy for washing hands, dog paws 🐾 and counters, among other things.

I just have to share 😊 I hope you might find this recipe useful as well. When you do make it please come back and πŸ“£ let me know how you like the wipes and if you use flannel, a different fabric or stitch the edges. 

Some even buy a roll of paper towels, cut them to desired size and use them instead. I had done so from time to time just to see how they work. I like them especially when cleaning dirty dog paws 🐢

Forever Aloe Vera Gelly
4 fl oz
Aloe Vera Gelly

 Aloe Vera Gelly


Young Living Lemon Essential Oil

Young Living Lemon Essential Oil

YL Lemon Essential Oil

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