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Self-Sufficiency 3 Video Is Now Available

 For those who haven't been reading & watching my  Self-Sufficiency Series, Welcome!
I may not know everything but going to share what I do know. I hope you'll chime in and share too.

I've just added Self-Sufficiency Video 3 if you scroll down. Or go ahead and watch them all. πŸ˜ƒ

We all need the ability to adapt to situations that arise. With the increase of man-made and natural disasters we all need to seriously consider preparing now, having supplies, knowing how to preserve foods, having water supplies, etc
The bottom life is 'preparedness' is not so you can survive, rather so you can thrive and not be walking around in fear when SHTF.

Have a watch and let me know your thoughts.

Below is a link to the growing supply of preparation/ survival supplies.
Survival/Preparation Supplies            Survival Preparation Supplies

Self-Sufficiency Series Video 1

 What If There is a Missile Attack

I haven't given much thought about a missile attack or warning of one until yesterday when there was a false missile attack in Hawaii.

I'm thinking of it now and decided to do a video on it before I proceed with some of the other things I wanted to share. 

Self-Sufficiency Part 2-Self-Sufficiency Pt 2

Self-Sufficiency Video 3-Food Preparation and Your Prepper Pantry

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