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An Art: An Expression: A Release

Leilani Loves Lashes

💗Watch Lauren in videos for Shelly's Event below 💗

Make up is not a mask. Make up is an art. It's an expression, it's a release, and for many women it's the one thing they do everyday (or every chance they get) for them 
I am here to not just show this make up I fell in love with but to help people feel beautiful. I have a quiz you can take if you need a color match for foundation, and I am a message away 24-7 if you have any questions at all.
Shop online at 
You deserve to feel as beautiful as you are!

Lauren Neumann

Lauren truly is amazing teaching and guiding how to enhance the beauty we already possess. 
Here's one of the latest promotions/live that Lauren is doing. Stay in touch so and don't miss what's new. 

Video 1-Shelly loves lip stain

Video 2 'Lauren for Shelly Loves Lip Stain

Lauren is doing this event for
 "Shelly Indifae"come into our event and lets have some fun this week!! Lauren is sharing why she's involved with Younique and about the Younique products. She also shares her heart to help Shelly and encourages women, moms and friends to take care of ourselves. Be sure to watch video 2 on "The Younique Event for Shelly Indifae"Stop over purchase to help Shelly at this link below. Thanks in advance!

Shelly Loves Lipstain

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of upcoming lives!

You can find Lauren at the following:

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