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The Oxygen Bomb: Do You Wanna Kick Toxins in the Arse?

 Organic Planner gives us a great idea 
to remove toxins from home. Our home
 is where we should be able to relax 
and feel comfortable. Not worry about toxins.
Aloe Vera does just that-remove toxins
from the air.

😉 I offer Forever aloe based products, now 
take it a step further. Add aloe vera plants 
to your home and let them grow! 
Having an aloe vera plant on had will be 
a nice perk if you get a burn like I did on my foot.
It played a huge role in my healing 
I would break it open and put the aloe inside 
directly on my burn. 
Does anyone have an aloe plant or 
more growing in your home? 

#OrganicPlanner #AloeVera
#OxygenBomb #ByeToxins

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