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Beautifying Your Landscaping in Winter (Update)

Beautifying Your Landscaping in Winter
by Alek Sabin

 I've updated 'Beautifying Your Landscaping in Winter
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People have a tendency to neglect their landscaping once the snow begins
to fall and winter really rolls around, even if they have absolutely beautiful yards
during the rest of the year. However, you don’t need to let your landscaping fall
o scraps during the winter months. There are plenty of ways that you can make
your yard a beautiful place to spend time, and improve your curb appeal,
during winter. Here are some tips on how to beautify your landscaping in winter...

Use splashes of color

One particular way that you can bring a dash of personality to the whitewash
that snow puts over your yard is to add large blocks of brighter colors around
your yard. A bright red, blue, or yellow is going to pop in a snowy yard,
so incorporating those bright colors into a fence or a shed adds a visually
dynamic layer of texture on your yard’s landscaping that cannot be understated.
Whenever brainstorming ideas you want to try to landscape your yard in winter,
always be thinking of ways that you can bring color into the picture
(some of the ideas below can help you accomplish this, as well).

Get winter flowers

Usually, people just let their flowerbeds go once winter comes in. Most flowers
aren’t going to blossom in the winter, so what’s even the point of trying, right?
Well, there are actually several different types of flowers that can thrive in a winter setting.
Candytuft and calendula are both types of flowers that will survive in the snowy cold.
While candytuft is more white, it adds a natural boon to your yard’s aesthetic,
but the vibrant colors of calendula can bring a splash of saturation to your landscaping.

Add lighting touches

Lights are always a lovely way to decorate your backyard. Using lanterns and
globe lights helps create an aesthetically pleasing look in your yard that makes i
t feel like a sanctuary. In the winter, though, this is even more true, as a coat of
snow helps reflect light in a way that feels warm and serene, no matter how
cold it is outside. If you really want to take it to the next level,
then you can even make your lanterns to use as backyard lighting.

Decorate for the holidays

There are tons of holidays during the winter. That’s the only reason some
people even enjoy the winter season. Well, you can use holidays like
Christmas or New Year’s to decorate your yard in a way that brings
some seasonal cheer to your property (this is also another great way
to approach putting lights up in your yard, as this is
very common practice for the holidays).

Keep your fence brushed off

While you want to make sure that your landscaping has a natural feeling
during the winter, you also don’t want it to feel like you’ve neglected your
yard and nature has completely taken over. One way that this can happen
is if you let snow build up on your fence, or other amenities in your yard, s
uch as pergolas and arbors. Not only does this look bad, but it actually
puts a lot of pressure on your fence, and can cause it to suffer significantly
more wear-and-tear during the winter than it otherwise would. If nothing else,
at least make sure that you get outside to brush the snow off of important
structures in your backyard.

Don’t forget to make it practical

Yard maintenance during the winter isn’t for merely aesthetic purposes,
but also to make your yard a place that you can actually be in during
the winter months. For this reason, you need to think about how your
landscaping can make your yard a little more practical. This includes
things like scraping and salting your walkways, or cleaning
up fallen ranches that come down after a heavy snowfall.
These are essentials to make your landscaping usable during the winter.
As a matter of fact, these would be practically be requirements
if you were a landlord, so why wouldn’t you want to treat your own
property that way?

Today's post is by guest blogger, Christine Hill.
Christine is a professional writer and an avid reader who’s passionate
about storytelling in any form. At any given moment, she’s in the middle
of at least three books on anything from psychology to ninjas.
Although she’s a marathon swimmer and enjoys camping
in the mountains, she believes there’s nothing better than a carton
of ice cream and a Dawson’s Creek marathon. She blogs
about marketing here.
Follow more of her writing on Twitter @readwritechill.

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