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Autumn is the Time for Pumpkin and Leaves to Enjoy


I won't lie, I love autumn and the pumpkins. So it's fitting for me to create these neat little pumpkin candles. The one above is aprox. 5 inches tall. I didn't glaze this one so it's not as shiny and the pumpkin/cinnamon fragrance comes through without burning all the time. You may want to use the candle as decor in any room you'd like or burn for your enjoyment. If you choose to burn do place on a candle safe plate large enough to contain any melting wax. You may order below. 
P.S. for any of the candles if your local, want to pay and pick up in or near Des Moines, do let me know and it's not necessary to go through the check out if making other arrangements
Lt Orange Unglazed Pumpkin Candle
This beauty of a candle has a bit more red overtone mixed with the orange to make a stunning candle when glazed. It's aproximately 5 inches tall, scented pumpkin & cinnamon and is available for $10.00
Pumpkin Candle Red overtones/glazed
This little gem is a realistic pumpkin candle at 5 inches tall & lightly glazed as well as cinnamon/pumpkin spice scented. You know when you pick the pumpkins they may have little imperfections and such as this one on the top. 

Lt Orange Pumpkin Candle with Indent

 This unique little pumpkin has it's stem painted and glazed just once time.
Beforehand I scented with pumpkin spice and cinnamon.
It's 5 inches tall and is yours for $10.00

Pumpkin Candle Glazed 1x Painted Stem

Pictures never do justice but I try. Each candle I create is never the same as the one before and has it's own uniqueness.
I love the falling leaves outdoors, their changing colors, raking them up to jump in them and then start all over again lol. So autumn's leaves inspire me to create and experiment with different ways to make these leaf candles unique.
I have use brown for a base color and added greens and yellows. 
Each leaf is scented with 'autumn leaves' scent.
It makes a nice addition to home decor and pleasantly adds a nice fragrance to the room.
The leaf candles can be used as floating candles or on a candle safe plate. I've added a few more variations of the leaf below.

Each  candle is aproximately 7 inches long and 5 inches wide. Yours for $7.00

Leaf Candle
 I hope you've enjoyed what I've shared so far.
Have any questions feel free to email me by clicking the image below.

Remember if your local and wish to purchase and pick up you don't need to use the 'Buy Button, just contact me for arrangements.

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