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Watermelon Soap in the Bar

For those of you who prefer your soap in a bar these 'Watermelon Bar Soaps' have your number.

Not your store bought tease!
These bars smell good but made with glycerin
will moisturize your skin.

Ever wonder why big soap manufacturing remove the glycerin from their soaps!
They mass produce and glycerin would stick
to their rollers.

These soaps have 'all' the glycerin for your 
thirsty skin. 
It's summertime and your skin is exposed to the heat and water if your a swimmer.
It's crying out for a drink of moisturize.

So give it a drink and enjoy the watermelon fragrance.

Bars are aprox. 3 oz
Made with glycerin,
a pleasant watermelon fragrance
and sprinkled throughout with poppy seeds
for a slight exfoliating of your skin.

Each bar is $3.00
Ships within the week of ordering
Order below 
Watermelon Soap Bars

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