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Head Lice: Natural Good Ridance

Hey folks, school has already started for some and soon will be for many others.
It's the time for those nasty head lice to raise their ugly heads and leave tons of nits to carry on...that is unless you stop them dead in their tracks.

How many of you have tried about everything to combat these ugly and nasty things?

How many have bought over the counter solutions or had the Dr write a script for chemicals?

There was a time in life I did those things. When my kids were little and first got lice I came unglued.

At that time and for several months a person could purchase Nix that actually killed  lice with it's accompanying 
chemical bath.
Soon Nix no longer was effective. I thought it was due to pharmaceuticals making the changes. Maybe it was to some extent but I think more so the critters were quickly becoming immune/resistant. I even tried the prescription chemicals and if I remember right had a dire warning of harm on the bottle.
All that and the little shits were still moving around after suffering temporary paralysis from the chemicals. 

Ok long story short, Lice have continued to become resistant to most any treatment. And it's so time to put them to flight!

Go ahead click below to get your FREE E-book. And learn the solutions myself and others are using & have been for over 20 years. White Thyme Essential Oil will annihilate these vermin.
No worries, you won't be charged. Click, fill out your info and download the e-book!


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