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Leyden's Wednesday Wisdom

🌞Good Morning🌞 Leyden here speaking up for my Grammy.👵
Time for some of what I am learning-- called
📍Wednesday Wisdom📍
Well if you know me👲, I am waaay not old enough to shave. I do know from my 👱dad & Grammy👵 that many guys spend a lot of their life shaving! 💃 Pssst...girls do too shaving their legs & like to sneak this wonderful stuff for shaving. 😧
 Now I know what I have to look 👓 forward to. 
I think we better make sure it's a product we trust!  🙌
I hear👂'Aloe Shave' is so good cuz it has glycerin in it that helps it not be so abrasive by conditioning the skin & coconut oil is used in making the foam I like to play with lol😝
So here's my suggestion and 2 cents for the day👉get 'Aloe Shave' for your shaving needs by clicking below.

#FLP #shaving #aloe #glycercin #Coconut #Shave 

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