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Have a Wonderful and Mooful Monday

Hey, Have a wonderful and mooful Monday. Today I'm deciding to have a wonderful Monday.
Cows moo for lots of reasons. They communicate with one another, looking for a friend, exploring a new territory, when horsing around, calling their calf, hungry, want milked and lots of other reasons.Once in awhile they get mad.
Today I could moo madly because Photobucket hijacked 1000's of my photos I stored from over several years. I'm choosing to overcome!
You'll notice on the website I removed the header temporarily since Photobucket, without warning put a huge banner in place of mine saying I needed to buy a plan to host my images on a 3rd party site. And I can't get my photos back without paying $400.
I'll replace the header soon and am working on my sites to restore what's messed up as well as all over the web.
How's this for writing a Monday morning book lol
What are you overcoming today??

P.S. I will be shariing those luscious 'watermelon soaps' soon!
#Monday #Photobucket #Cows #WatermelonSoaps

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