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Do You Love Sunflowers?

Are you a sunflower lover like me.  

I love growing them big and tall.

The bees & birds love them too. They contributes to keeping the bees healthy and the birds love the seeds, especially the finches.

Maybe your not sure if you like sunflowers.
These dainty & lightly scented sunflower warmer melts might help you decide. Their lightly scented to help introduce you to their charming scent.
If your a sunflower melt, they will surely make you happy as well.

Each warmer melt has a hand painted black center and measures 1 1/2 inches wide and 3/4 inch tall.
I usually put one melt in a smaller warmer bowl and 2 in a larger warmer bowl. If your unsure, try just one to see if another is needed. 

'Sunflower Fields' Warmer Melts
Set of 3
Sunflower Warmer Melts, Set of 3

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