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Are You a Watermelon Lover? You Will Like These!

Who loves watermelon!
'I do, I do'! 

As you know I was feeling a creative spark and decided to make some watermelon soaps last week.
They turned out well for my first time trying these.
I'll keep making more and improve my knack at it. 

I've got 3 ready to go and packaged. And more in process.
Each soap is 
3 1/4 " long
2" wide
aprox 3/4" high

aprox. 3.6 oz

These delightful watermelon soaps are made with glycerin, Shea Butter and Honey, Watermelon Fragrance & topped with a slight sprinkling of Poppy seeds. 

These soaps smell delightful and are moisturizing, unlike what you purchase in a store that tends to dry your skin.
Why...because the glycerin has been removed. A mfg can't mass make soaps that won't go through their rollers and the moisturizing glycerin would make them stick. So in essence you are buying detergent in the store. Yuck!!

Each soap is $3.50 plus $1.50 S/H

Watermelon Glycerin Soap


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