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It's Watermelon No Matter How You Slice It

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The new 'Watermelon Slices' are available

Go ahead and get yours ordered below
Watermelon Slices
Watermelon Slices Lg

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It's Monday: Let's Make it a Great One!

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Enjoy  your Monday

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Foxfire: 5 Decades Of Preserving Appalachian Wisdom

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Foxfire: 5 Decades Of Preserving Appalachian Wisdom

Off-gridders are quite diverse, but one thing they all have in common is the desire to preserve wisdom and knowledge from past – that is, how to do things our great-grandparents did.
That’s what the Foxfire Fund has been doing since 1966 by preserving the wisdom of the people of Appalachia.
On this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio we speak with T.J. Smith, executive director of the Foxfire Fund, which just celebrated its 50thanniversary and has a new book – “The Foxfire Book of Simple Living.”
T.J. tells us:
  • How the Foxfire Fund got started.
  • Why he believes Foxfire has remained so popular for 50 years.
  • How the Appalachian way of life is thriving, despite new technologies.
  • Why people today are still attracted to Appalachian life.
Finally, T.J. tells us what people can expect from Foxfire in the future. If you’ve ever been a fan of the Foxfire book series, then you don’t want to miss this week’s show!
Click below to get your free download. No worries you won't be charged!
 FoxFire: How it started on Offgrid Radio

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Leyden's Wednesday Wisdom

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🌞Good Morning🌞 Leyden here speaking up for my Grammy.👵
Time for some of what I am learning-- called
📍Wednesday Wisdom📍
Well if you know me👲, I am waaay not old enough to shave. I do know from my 👱dad & Grammy👵 that many guys spend a lot of their life shaving! 💃 Pssst...girls do too shaving their legs & like to sneak this wonderful stuff for shaving. 😧
 Now I know what I have to look 👓 forward to. 
I think we better make sure it's a product we trust!  🙌
I hear👂'Aloe Shave' is so good cuz it has glycerin in it that helps it not be so abrasive by conditioning the skin & coconut oil is used in making the foam I like to play with lol😝
So here's my suggestion and 2 cents for the day👉get 'Aloe Shave' for your shaving needs by clicking below.

#FLP #shaving #aloe #glycercin #Coconut #Shave 
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How Do You Care 4 Your Animals?

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Forever products are wonderful for us humans but so are they for our animals. Learn more and get your animals on the right track today.

Treat your 🐎 right 
 Aloe Veterinary Care

Propolis Creme

Aloe Vera Gelly

David Urch

Inspired by Aloe, Bees and Botanicals

#ForeverLiving #AnimalCare #Horses #Dogs #Aloe
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Do You Love Sunflowers?

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Are you a sunflower lover like me.  

I love growing them big and tall.

The bees & birds love them too. They contributes to keeping the bees healthy and the birds love the seeds, especially the finches.

Maybe your not sure if you like sunflowers.
These dainty & lightly scented sunflower warmer melts might help you decide. Their lightly scented to help introduce you to their charming scent.
If your a sunflower melt, they will surely make you happy as well.

Each warmer melt has a hand painted black center and measures 1 1/2 inches wide and 3/4 inch tall.
I usually put one melt in a smaller warmer bowl and 2 in a larger warmer bowl. If your unsure, try just one to see if another is needed. 

'Sunflower Fields' Warmer Melts
Set of 3
Sunflower Warmer Melts, Set of 3

#sunflowerFields #warmerMelts #setof3 #HealthyBees #finches #birds

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Are You a Watermelon Lover? You Will Like These!

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Who loves watermelon!
'I do, I do'! 

As you know I was feeling a creative spark and decided to make some watermelon soaps last week.
They turned out well for my first time trying these.
I'll keep making more and improve my knack at it. 

I've got 3 ready to go and packaged. And more in process.
Each soap is 
3 1/4 " long
2" wide
aprox 3/4" high

aprox. 3.6 oz

These delightful watermelon soaps are made with glycerin, Shea Butter and Honey, Watermelon Fragrance & topped with a slight sprinkling of Poppy seeds. 

These soaps smell delightful and are moisturizing, unlike what you purchase in a store that tends to dry your skin.
Why...because the glycerin has been removed. A mfg can't mass make soaps that won't go through their rollers and the moisturizing glycerin would make them stick. So in essence you are buying detergent in the store. Yuck!!

Each soap is $3.50 plus $1.50 S/H

Watermelon Glycerin Soap

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Have a Wonderful and Mooful Monday

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Hey, Have a wonderful and mooful Monday. Today I'm deciding to have a wonderful Monday.
Cows moo for lots of reasons. They communicate with one another, looking for a friend, exploring a new territory, when horsing around, calling their calf, hungry, want milked and lots of other reasons.Once in awhile they get mad.
Today I could moo madly because Photobucket hijacked 1000's of my photos I stored from over several years. I'm choosing to overcome!
You'll notice on the website I removed the header temporarily since Photobucket, without warning put a huge banner in place of mine saying I needed to buy a plan to host my images on a 3rd party site. And I can't get my photos back without paying $400.
I'll replace the header soon and am working on my sites to restore what's messed up as well as all over the web.
How's this for writing a Monday morning book lol
What are you overcoming today??

P.S. I will be shariing those luscious 'watermelon soaps' soon!
#Monday #Photobucket #Cows #WatermelonSoaps
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A Relaxing Sunday

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Have a good Sunday. I hope you take some time to be under the shade of relaxation and breaking from work and cares. Take from the example of the pooch resting. 


#Sunday #Relax
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Happy 4th of July

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Stopping in to say howdy and to wish all in U.S. a 
Happy 4th of July

#4thofJuly #IndependenceDay
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Enjoy Your Monday to the Mostest

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Good Monday and the first Monday in July at that!

I hope you have a fabulous day!

I have a busy week ahead but going to enjoy and savor every moment. 

If I appear a slight bit absent, never fear I'll be back here shortly.


#Monday #Morning #July
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Happy Fourth and Happy 150th Canada

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#FourthofJuly #IndependenceDay #CanadaBirthday

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