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The Beauty of Hummingbirds

I love the beauty of Hummingbirds and it's no wonder I  appreciate this beautiful Hummingbird Warmer.
This is a electric 'touch' lamp for wax melts or oils.
You touch to control the light and heat intensity.
I have even more on order and think these are fab.
I'm used to warmers with a simple light bulb but these I can adjust. It's absolutely beautiful at night with the 
lights out as well. 

I will also being ordering a supply of replacement bulbs for these. I've been using mine for a month and still have same little bulb. If your in another country it may be necessary to
purchase an adapter for your outlet. (Something I recently learned of and will find out correct terminolgy as well)

I'm sharing a video below I'd shared on facebook about gathering rose buds for soaps but I also included part of the clip on the Hummingbird Warmer.

Thanks for reading/watching, do order yours today & don't neglect signing up for updates below the video.

Hummingbird Warmer

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