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Oh Smell The Cinnamon Rolls

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Finally the cinnamon roll warmer melts are packaged, labeled and ready to ship.

After printer issues slowed me down their all bagged, labeled and ready to boogie to your door.
I have 7 pkgs of 6 each available currently.
If I run out, I will definitely be making more. 

Each cinnamon roll melt is aprox 1" tall and 1 1/4" wide.
Made with my own special blend of wax, scented with a cinnamon roll fragrance, sprinkled with real cinnamon and frosted. 

I enjoy these sitting in a bowl on my table before they ever make it to the warmer. Smells delicious!!

A set of 6 warmer melts are $3.00 + $1.50 shipping
You may purchase below and thanks!

Cinnamon Roll Melts

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Dogs Just Wanna Walk

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Wanna walk and mom says it's raining. What's a dog to do. We could take an umbrella and splash through lots of puddles.
#rainyday #DogsJustWannaWalk
9:28:00 AM

Enjoy the Aroma of Cinnamon Rolls?

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Do you love walking into a home and smelling the aroma of fresh baked cinnamon rolls?
Me too!
I've been working on cinnamon roll melts for your warmer and hope to have them ready to go this evening.
I'll be updating you soon.

#cinnamonrolls #warmerMelts
9:23:00 AM

Have a Berry Fruitful Monday

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10:15:00 AM

What are you doing to Enjoy Your Sunday

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It's Sunday, what are you doing today? 
Are you having some fun? Are you working?
Share a photo of what your up to?

#Sunday #ShareaPhoto
8:22:00 PM

Strawberries and Cream:Melts in Your Warmer not Your Mouth

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Strawberry & Cream Butterfly Melts
9 @$3,00

Strawberry and Cream Butterfly Melts

Strawberry and Cream Heart Melts
9 @ $3.00

Strawberry and Cream Heart Melts

Strawberry and Cream Melts in a Clam Shell
@ $3.50
Strawberries and Cream Square Melts

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6:16:00 PM

Forest Bathing: A WOW for Me: Shinrin-yoku

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Yesterday I received an interesting email  from the Pinterest Blog about 'Forest Bathing'
I thought, "What the heck"!
Then I read a bit further. I'm sure glad I did.
It wasn't about necessarily bathing in the forest. lol

'Forest Bathing' = being outdoors unplugged.
The pin makes reference to 'digital detoxing searches' are +200% and 'Forest Bathing searches' are +152%.
Look at those numbers for searches.I believe lots of folks are looking to detox and relax.

Now this is a WOW for me. I've been spending a lot of time outdoors the last 2 weeks doing just this-digital detoxing, unplugging and getting away from the stress of what I do on a day to day basis. I love what I do and am very passionate as I'm growing in it yet I can get stressed like everyone else.

I've been enjoying the birds, squirrels and rabbits. Even built a bit of a sanctuary for them(and me) to enjoy.
When I can't be outdoors I have my work area set up so I 
can watch them and enjoy. 

I was a bit disappointed this morning I didn't video the hummingbird on the feeder and flowers. The picture I took didn't turn out well. 

I don't know what it's like where you are but it's nasty & ugly hot and humid here. I go out early in the mornings 
and late at night many times.
Air conditioning makes life nicer but it spoils us to not be able to deal with the elements as they are. Since I have health conditions worsened by the heat and humidity, I'm frustrated by not being able to go out as much as I'd like----yet!

I encourage you to take some time to unplug. Even if it just for 5 or 10 minutes at a time. Breathe deeply, enjoy what's around you and be amazed.
I'm looking forward to more time to unplug and detox on a daily basis.
How about you? 

I've shared below the information from the Pinterest blog if you'd like to check it out.
Until next time...Cheers

Here's what Pinterest found:
"To combat the always-inside, always-plugged-in epidemic, Pinners are following the Japanese practice Shinrin-yoku, which translates to "taking in the forest atmosphere" or "forest bathing" (+152%). It's the process of absorbing everything about nature--the sights, sounds, smells---to promote physiological and psychological health."

Here's the link to Pinterest's Blog Post:

Forest bathing, why you should do it, and 25 other travel trends in 2017

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4:42:00 PM

The Beauty of Hummingbirds

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I love the beauty of Hummingbirds and it's no wonder I  appreciate this beautiful Hummingbird Warmer.
This is a electric 'touch' lamp for wax melts or oils.
You touch to control the light and heat intensity.
I have even more on order and think these are fab.
I'm used to warmers with a simple light bulb but these I can adjust. It's absolutely beautiful at night with the 
lights out as well. 

I will also being ordering a supply of replacement bulbs for these. I've been using mine for a month and still have same little bulb. If your in another country it may be necessary to
purchase an adapter for your outlet. (Something I recently learned of and will find out correct terminolgy as well)

I'm sharing a video below I'd shared on facebook about gathering rose buds for soaps but I also included part of the clip on the Hummingbird Warmer.

Thanks for reading/watching, do order yours today & don't neglect signing up for updates below the video.

Hummingbird Warmer

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4:43:00 PM

Butterflies Know Enjoyment that Escapes Us Humans

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It's one beautiful afternoon. I want to enjoy my days like this butterfly enjoys it's flowers
How about you?

#Flowers #butterfly #afternoon #Thursday #newsletter

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