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Remembering the Fallen and Loved Ones

Good Evening

How was your day? Is Memorial Day significant to you?
Did you honor those who lost their lives in service to our country? 

I realized not only do many honor the fallen but this is a day and weekend to remember loved one's who have passed away as well. I apologize and no offense intended.
Some have a BBQ, maybe a keg of beer and a hot dog of a time with friends & family as well as put flowers or crosses on graves of those who have been lost to war, service to our country and put flowers on graves of loved ones and friends, regardless of their service to our country.
Today for many is significant to remember our loved ones.

I realize there are some of you who live in the US and some who don't and your not into Memorial Day.
No problem! How was your day?

A few facts about Memorial Day thanks to my friend, Sybil Jones!

#MemorialDay #LovedOnes

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